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Author Alex
Learn how to highlight the beauty of the nude form and portray an emotion with simple lighting and posing techniques.
Author Alex
Learn Car Modeling and Rendering From Start to Finish
Learn how to model and render cars using Cinema 4D and V-Ray 5.
Author Alex
Creating an Info-graphic Animation in Blender
We will go through the process from start to finish on how to create animated info-graphics using Blender
Author Alex
Space Princess-003 Female Character Painting
Gumroad - Craig Elliott - Space Princess - 003 Female Character Painting
Author Alex
Art Retouch Portrait Bundle Vol .1
Take your Retouching to the next level with our .RAW portrait library – perfect for practice sessions, sharpening your skills, and creative projects. All files are royalty free and can be used for personal or commercial work.
Author Alex
How To Ink
Jake Parker has been inking for most of his drawing career. From comics to concept art, mastering the pen is essential for all artists. From his own studies and experience, insight from peers and mentors, and material from the best books on the subject he boils everything he's learned about the art form into one class.
Author Alex
Organic Design in Houdini (RUS)
In Organic Design in Houdini, you?ll learn to use the power of Houdini to implement complex effects in an efficient way. During these 6 weeks, you'll see a bunch of different setups you can use to master motion design through several practical examples from scratch to compositing. After this class, you'll be able to play with the software with a clear idea of the techniques behind each effect, and then unleash your own creativity!
Author Alex
Pen Drawing for Beginners: Permanency, Texture and Composition
Drawing with fine liner ink pens comes with a few challenges. Not only are you limited to black and white tones, but everything is permanent.
Author Alex
Introduction to Drawing in Perspective
This class is perfect for beginning artists and illustrators, with easy to pick up tips for creating dynamic sketches that harness the power of perspective.
Author Alex
How to Make Main Menu & Sound System For your Game
Learn how to create and program a complete UI Menu System in Unity, an industry-standard game development program used by many large gaming studios and indie developers across the world.
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