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Author Alex
Adobe Illustrator Text Effects Masterclass
Udemy - Adobe Illustrator Text Effects Masterclass. Create text effects of varying complexity, boost your graphic design skills, learn valuable Illustrator techniques What you'll learn Create a range of text designs and effects in Adobe Illustrator Learn secrets for working with text that many experienced designers don't know Create fully editable dimensional text designs (without outlining the text) Understand how text differs from other
Author Alex
Adobe Illustrator for Non-Artists
Udemy - Adobe Illustrator for Non-Artists. Create designs in Illustrator even if you can't draw - create and monetize your designs today! What you'll learn Create designs in Illustrator even though you can't draw Work more confidently in Illustrator Be ready to monetize your designs Requirements You should be able to use your PC or Mac at a competent beginner level. You must have Adobe Illustrator installed on your computer - almost any version
Author Alex
How to Create 3D Fur Effect In Adobe Illustrator
Udemy - How to Create 3D Fur Effect In Adobe Illustrator. What you'll learn How to create 3D Effect in Adobe Illustrator Tools and Techniques to create 3D Fur Effect Advantages and disadvantages of using 3D technique Understand how gradient work How to create 3D Effect using Pencil tool or Type tool Requirements Computer Adobe Illustrator Description If you would like to learn How to create 3D Fur Effect in Adobe Illustrator and you are a
Author Alex
CreativeLive – Craft a Logo by Hand
CreativeLive – Craft a Logo by Hand. Craft A Spectacular Logo By Hand With Expert Hand Lettering AFTER THIS CLASS YOU’LL BE ABLE TO Navigate your way around logo, lettering and typographic terminology. Work with a creative brief to design an effective logo. Use InVision to create professional moodboards for your logo design. Understand the principles of logo design like hierarchy, symmetry, legibility and spacing. Use the Procreate app on your
Author Alex
Drawing Vector Graphics Laboratory 2016-2022 (Updated 04.05.2022)
Drawing Vector Graphics Laboratory 2016-2022 (Updated 04.05.2022). Release Year : 2016-2022; Manufacturer : LinkedIn Learning Manufacturer; Website : Drawing Vector Graphics Laboratory; Author : Von Glitschka; Duration : 92:15:33 Handout; Type : Video Tutorial; Language : English; Description: Sometimes you need to experiment to grow as an artist. What better place to try out new design ideas than the Drawing Vector Graphics Laboratory? Every
Author Alex
Logo Design in Adobe Illustrator - The Intermediate Level
Udemy - Logo Design in Adobe Illustrator - The Intermediate Level. Due to unprecedented demand, I'm proud to launch this course as the follow up to: 'Logo Design for Beginners & Beyond'. As a logo design professional with over 18 years experience, I'm going to reveal to you the next stage of learning in the exact manner in which I learned myself. We're going to cut to chase and explore all the next realm of logo design, leaving nothing
Author Sonya
Master NFT Art Character Illustration in Adobe Illustrator
Udemy - Master NFT Art Character Illustration in Adobe Illustrator. Create Professional Vector illustrations, ink Drawing, Coloring Walt Disney or NFT Characters in Adobe illustrator What you'll learn Create professional vector illustrations Create different brushes for inking Best way to Color and add Shadow and Highlight How to do ink drawing properly inking like Walt Disney Characters How to ink and Color NFT Characters Requirements No
Author Alex
Adobe Illustrator Complete Course
Skillshare - Adobe Illustrator Complete Course. Hellow Naitwa Joel Kadaga Creative Designer, baada ya kumaliza shahada yangu ya kwanza niliamua kujikita na kuweka muda wangu wote katika kujifunza masuala ubunifu wa kidijitali (Creative Design). Na hatimaye nikaanza kuandaa kozi mbalimbali na kufundisha jamii juu ya kile nilichojifunza. Karibu katika Mafunzo ya Adobe Illustrator mafunzo haya yatamfaa mtu mpya katika Illustrator na design career
Author Alex
Designing Medical Icons - Process and Tips inside Adobe Illustrator
Skillshare - Designing Medical Icons - Process and Tips inside Adobe Illustrator. MP4 | ENG | 12 Lessons (1h 16m). Four Basic Shapes, Circle Square, Line and Triangle when joined together OR minus from each other, can create wonders using the Pathfinder and Shape Builder Tools. These are followed by Automatic and Manual Method of making and breaking shapes to design something WONDERFUL...!! I highly recommend students to go through the class
Author Alex
Color Theory Applied to Online Projects
Domestika – Color Theory Applied to Online Projects. Learn the science behind color to create engaging and cohesive digital designs that improve communication Color plays a crucial role in the communication process, as it establishes a deep connection with the audience through human psychology and cultural context. Branding and UX expert James Eccleston has found in color one of the most powerful tools for solving problems through design. In
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