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Udemy – How To Animate A Dance Like A Boss
A fun approach to understanding character body mechanics What you'll learn How to choose your reference videos What to look for in your reference analysis How to plan your animation How to animate your shot fast and still get great results Requirements Basic knowledge of animating in either Blender or Maya Description If you are struggling with character body mechanics then this course is for you as I will show you my animation workflow when
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Skillshare – Mixing Grain Simulation With nParticles | Maya & Arnold
In this class, we are going to be learning how we can create grain simulation-looking particles using nparticles and some dynamics. We are going to dive into how to light this, how to shade this, and how we can create some amazing simulations. will get into what makes these particles look like grains how we can dynamically change the properties of each and every particle and how to cache them. At the end of the class, you will have a creative
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Complete Introduction to Environment Art – Tutorial Course
This step-by-step tutorial is tailored to teach you the complete process of creating an environment from scratch, regardless of your prior experience. You will gain a comprehensive understanding of the techniques used in the industry, including modeling, sculpting, creating both procedural and unique textures, level art, lighting and composition, foliage creation, and much more. This course is designed to provide you with a thorough
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Gumroad – Autodesk Maya Malcolm341 All Mel Script Pack (Feb 2023)
Gumroad – Autodesk Maya Malcolm341 All Mel Script Pack (Feb 2023) INCLUDED IN THIS PACK: -Marmoset Export Toolbox for Maya -UV Edges Toolbox for Maya -Fastest Way to Create Normal Map Stamps in Maya Script -Obj Import Export Toolbox for Maya -One Click Import/Export Selection From one Maya Scene to Another -Xray and Wireframe Selected Objects in Maya -Reference Planes Toolbox for Maya -Delete Empty Groups in Maya -Fast Open Close for Maya
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CGCircuit – VFX102 – Redshift for Live Action and CG
CGCircuit – VFX102 – Redshift for Live Action and CG This course outlines the new fast GPU based renderer Redshift for Maya. Not only can you learn about Redshift but also an introduction to Substance Painter and complex nuke composite networks as well. Chapter Videos: 1. Camera Tracking in Nuke 2. Scene Orientation 3. Export Into Maya 4. Orientation Tweaks 5. Scene Geometry Setup 6. Matte Shadow Catcher 7. Domelight Backlight 8. Redshift Lens
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Gumroad – Character Simulation – Video Training Series
Gumroad – Character Simulation – Video Training Series by fRigging Awesome Studios A complete guide to the workflows and skills required to create and work in a fully-featured character simulation pipeline, either personally or at major animation and FX studios. Presented by Disney, Dreamworks and Blue Sky char sim artist Josh Sobel. Animation project files courtesy of Nick Kondo. • Watch a full overview of industry-proven production pipelines.
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Wingfox – Learn ZBrush Stylized Character Sculpting
Wingfox – Learn ZBrush Stylized Character Sculpting (2023) with Qi Sheng Luo English subs | Duration 35h | Project Files Included | MP4 1920x1080 This tutorial demonstrates the workflow Of stylized character sculpting. The reference Of this tutorial is from the game Mahjong Soul, developed by Catfood Studio. This tutorial has two parts. In the first part, the lecturer will walk you through ZBrush, including its functions and basic, with a case
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Udemy – Advanced Texture Character Creation
Texture characters, costumes and Props in a way that they aesthetically look good. What you'll learn Retopology your high poly model with animation reddy edge flow. Texture characters in a way that they are aesthetically looking good. Texturing costumes and Props with matching the overall look. Xgen Hair Creation Uving and Baking Maps Requirements Basic working experience with Maya, Zbrush, Unreal Engine, Substance Painter and Photoshop
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Peregrine Labs Yeti 4.2.2 Maya 2022-2023 Win x64
Peregrine Labs Yeti 4.2.2 Maya 2022-2023 Win x64 Dependencies: MtoA, Arnold, V-Ray 6.00, Renderman 24.4, Redshift 3.5.06, Clarisse 5.0 SP8 Changes & Bug Fixes switched Random number generator in Scatter node to one with much better properties to avoid patterns appearing at larger densities and scales. updated Clumping to avoid artifacts introduced in volume preservation. added per Clump randomness. added Attach Input Curves
Author Alex
V-Ray Advanced v6.00.03 for Maya 2019-2023 Win x64
V-Ray Advanced v6.00.03 for Maya 2019-2023 Win x64 Chaos Group, a leading provider of state of the art rendering solutions for the media, entertainment, and design industries, has released an update to VRay 5.10.22 for Maya 2017-2020, a major update to its Academy Award-winning CPU and GPU production renderer. Used on recent television and film projects including "The Fate of the Furious," "Beauty and the Beast," and "Stranger Things," this
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