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Author Alex
Unity Asset – Monster_4 low-poly
Low-poly model, perfect for any horror game
Author Alex
Unity Asset – Metroidvania/Platformer – Music pack
Short Music pack for your next awesome Metroidvania game. It features dark synth , ambiant sounds, up tempo and tense rhythm.
Author Alex
Unity Asset – Flat Kit: Toon Shading and Water
Flat Kit is a complete solution to achieve the stylish cel-shaded look: shaders, models, image effects, presets, examples.
Author Alex
Unity Asset – Wrapping rope
Wrapping rope is a tool for creating thin rope stretched between two points. Wrapping rope does not provide realistic rope physics, but very useful if you want to show very long rope, that could bend, if it collides with other objects. For example, you can use this tool for creating bungee cord, sling, cable railway, catapult.
Author Alex
Unity Asset – UModeler – Model your World
UModeler is a Unity extension to empower you to model and prototype easily and quickly. With UModeler, you can craft a static mesh asset as well as prototype a game level without any other external DCC tools. Moreover UModeler supports not only modeling with gizmos but also sketch-based modeling, which enables you to draw a 2D shape on a plane and make it 3D shape in intuitive ways.
Author Alex
Unity Asset – Easy Save – The Complete Save & Load Asset
Use Easy Save, The Complete Save & Load Asset for Unity
Author Alex
Unity Asset – Highlight Plus
Highlight Plus adds outline, glow, overlay, see-through and other effects to any 3D object in your scene.
Author Alex
Unity Asset Bundle – September 2021
Unity Asset Bundle – September 2021 | .unitypackage | 80 assets | 12.5 GB
Author Alex
Unity Asset Bundle – August 2021
.unitypackage | 115 assets | 13.2 GB
Author Alex
Unity Asset – Lens Effects – Dirt and Bloom!
Lens Effects – Dirt and Bloom is a simple but effective Post Process Image Effect pack for Unity that stimulates onscreen Dirt, Bloom and Chromatic Aberration effects in your game, with a customizable editor.
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