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Author Alex
Today, 12:47
Multi-Shot Photo Techniques in Photoshop and Lightroom
You may be a master of editing single photos, but multi-shot photo techniques like panos, HDR, and focus stacks present some unique challenges. In this course, graphic designer Nigel French shows you all the basics of using Lightroom, Photoshop and Bridge to achieve great results with techniques that use multiple shots. Beginning with panoramas. Nigel walks you through shooting panoramas, then explains how to create them in Photoshop, Lightroom
Author Alex
Today, 12:34
Batch Processing Photos to Save Time
Images often require the same adjustments. For example, events like weddings are shot on the same day with the same light, same backdrops, and so on. Rather than painstakingly edit each one, if you batch process your photos with automation, you can save a ton of time and get the same result more quickly. This course reveals the workflow and tools to use to batch process your photo collections. Photographer Rich Harrington first explains what can
Author Alex
Today, 11:03
DaVinci Resolve: Color Page
DaVinci Resolve is a leading professional color grading solution used for digital intermediates (the digital color grading of film-acquired sources, to be printed back out to film for theatrical exhibition). It’s not surprising that its color management tools are used every day in major film productions all over the world. In this course, professional colorist Patrick Inhofer takes an extensive look at the color page in DaVinci Resolve, starting
Author Alex
Today, 10:51
Learn to Create a Metroidvania Game using Unity & C#
Learn how to create and program your very own metroidvania game using Unity, an industry-standard game development program used by large gaming studios and indie developers across the world.
Author Alex
Today, 10:08
Green Interiors Roadmap & Sustainable Design for Architects & Designers
Including Health and Wellness in Your Design Is No Longer An Option
Author Alex
Today, 09:44
Character Design: A Complete Guide to Drawing 2D Characters
Learn to Design & Draw Your Own Characters: Drawing for Animation, Manga, Anime, Cartoon, Comics, Video Games+
Author Alex
Yesterday, 20:46
Masterclasses Of The Sustainable Architecture Week By Ugreen
There will be four days with 10 hours of intense content to transform your professional practice and increase your recognition with procedures established by the best firms in the world.
Author Alex
Yesterday, 20:41
Introduction to materials and procedural shaders in blender
if you are new to blender, blender can be overwhelming, there so much to learn and choosing where to start is difficult, in this course i will help you make that choice by getting you started in the most used part of blender, making materials.
Author Alex
Yesterday, 20:37
Cinematic Color Grading With Premiere Pro 2021 For Beginners
If you you're looking to make the look of your films standout and get your career to the next level but struggle with the color grading aspect Then this is the prefect course for you.
Author Alex
Yesterday, 14:57
Master Unity 3D Game Development
Get hands on, deep and master gaming in a whole new way by learning how to build games using Unity 3D - the worlds leading game engine.
As we mentioned time and time again, 3D modeling and graphic design are NOT easy. In fact, it's the farthest thing from easy. If any of that would've been easy, the world would be filled with graphic designers and 3D modeling people. That is not the case, as you can clearly tell. There aren't too many people with the required skill/knowledge level. Speaking of which, some of the guys and girls are willing to share their knowledge in form of tutorials. Yeah, you can download tutorials right here – all kinds of 'em. You better be ready to discover some hidden knowledge here!
The one thing that we want to get out of the way before we talk more about the tutorials themselves is the fact that you need to work hard to implement the knowledge you receive from these guidelines. Don't worry, you may not succeed the first time (or the first 20 times, it depends), but with enough hard work and dedication you will be able to figure this stuff out. In other words, please make sure you a) don't quit after the first failed attempt b) actually take your time to practice/actually use the knowledge acquired from these tutorials – all because the world needs more good designers.
Alright, so what kind of tutorials do we have here? We have all kinds! It would've been pretty mean for you to assume that we just mindlessly upload surface-level Photoshop tips and that's it. We have many, many amazing tutorials for you to download. For example, we have Basics of Coding with Unreal Engine 4 by Packt Publishing. You know Unreal Engine 4, right? The one used in such games as Gears of War 4, Dead by Daylight, Street Fighter V, and the endlessly exciting-looking Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice. Yeah, that's the engine you're gonna master with the help of this particular tutorial. Sounds great, doesn't it?
While on the subject of game development, it would've been stupid not to mention the Python Game Development tutorial by Udemy. Of course, Python is considered to be the easiest programming language in existence, but still – you won't be able to figure that stuff out with no prior knowledge of the language of programming and all that. This helpful guide will actually aid you in building different games, the likes of Mario, Sonic, Flappy Bird, what have you.
If you want something less complex, we can offer, what else, Photoshop tutorials. You can easily download Photoshop tutorials here because we have plenty of them. The one we would like to mention/bring up/recommend is, of course, Complete Post Production Workflow – Mirror of my soul (v2.5). That's a mouthful, but believe us, you will be blown away by the results. You will learn how to process the raw file in Lightroom. You will be able to save all the adjustments as a preset.
The last tutorial we would like to mention to highlight the diversity that we offer - Cinema 4D R19 Wine Bottle Visualisation Tutorial by 3D Fluff. This one right here will help you built a bottle from the ground up. Doesn't sound as impressive as building a game or making a mirror into your soul, but, what the hell, it is one of the greatest, most in-depth tutorials we have for you.
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