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Author Alex
Today, 16:09
Skillshare – How to make an Easy Realistic Nature Tree Scene in Cinema 4D Octane
How to make a Realistic Nature Tree Scene in Cinema 4D Octane
Author Alex
Today, 16:05
Skillshare – Maya for Beginners 3D Modelling Rigging and Animation
After the end of this course, students have to do a project on it all the necessary and important project files are attached in the project and discussion section.
Author Alex
Today, 11:01
The Gnomon Workshop – Procedural Shading Techniques for Houdini & Arnold
Learn to create photorealistic procedural shaders with Arnold and take advantage of the procedural nature of Houdini with this workshop by Wojtek Piwowarczyk, Environment Generalist TD for film, animation, and game cinematics.
Author Alex
Today, 09:54
The Gnomon Workshop – The Art of the Armature
Creating great sculpture is very much like creating great Architecture. The foundation and framework has to be built first and it must be strong and contain the necessary landmarks in order to achieve aesthetic success and evoke emotion. In this tutorial, figurative artist and educator John Brown demonstrates how to set up the mannequin frame correctly; what we call the ‘back story’, plotting out the proportions on paper first, constructing the
Author Alex
Today, 09:04
The Gnomon Workshop – Lighting & Look Dev Essentials Vol 2: Shading & Texturing
Strengthen your understanding of look development and explore the core differences between real-world materials and CG shaders in this 4.5-hour workshop by Adrien Vallecilla. Building upon the theory shared in Lighting & Look Dev Essentials Vol 1: Lighting Theory, Adrien reveals how to recreate the natural phenomena of real materials using 3D tools to add realism to your scenes with realistic textures and shaders.
Author Alex
Today, 08:59
Udemy – Complete Adobe Animate Megacourse Beginner to Expert
Have you ever wanted to learn how to animate? From childhood and adult favourites like Disney, to advertisements and short films, animation is all around us. Whether you’re an artist out to create original and fan content like short films and sketches, or a designer looking to expand their professional portfolio, animation isn’t just for the professionally-trained artist. Even someone with no animation background can learn the skills and start
Author Alex
Today, 08:48
Udemy – Unity Visual Effects Graph for Beginners
An Introduction to Unity's Visual Effect Graph for Beginners
Author Alex
Today, 08:43
Udemy – Game Art Basics Create a 3D Environment
Learn to create a professional quality environment using high end tools: Unreal Engine, Megascans and Substance Painter
Author Alex
Today, 08:35
Skillshare – Drawing Dynamic Poses
Hey everyone! In this drawing course I’ll be showing you how to sketch dynamic poses. I’ll be breaking this course down into four lessons, each covering a different aspect of the course subject that will allow you to improve your poses from stiff to smooth-flowing and dynamic. The lessons are Identifying the line of action, the basics of gesture, applying foreshortening in a pose, and drawing poses in perspective.
Author Alex
Yesterday, 16:24
The Gnomon Workshop – Lighting & Look Dev Essentials Vol. 1: Lighting Theory
There are some absolute essentials you need to know when tackling lighting in CG. This 5-hour workshop by Adrien Vallecilla sheds light on everything you need to be aware of when lighting 3D environments, particularly if you’re looking to become a successful lighter or look-dev artist working in digital production.
As we mentioned time and time again, 3D modeling and graphic design are NOT easy. In fact, it's the farthest thing from easy. If any of that would've been easy, the world would be filled with graphic designers and 3D modeling people. That is not the case, as you can clearly tell. There aren't too many people with the required skill/knowledge level. Speaking of which, some of the guys and girls are willing to share their knowledge in form of tutorials. Yeah, you can download tutorials right here – all kinds of 'em. You better be ready to discover some hidden knowledge here!
The one thing that we want to get out of the way before we talk more about the tutorials themselves is the fact that you need to work hard to implement the knowledge you receive from these guidelines. Don't worry, you may not succeed the first time (or the first 20 times, it depends), but with enough hard work and dedication you will be able to figure this stuff out. In other words, please make sure you a) don't quit after the first failed attempt b) actually take your time to practice/actually use the knowledge acquired from these tutorials – all because the world needs more good designers.
Alright, so what kind of tutorials do we have here? We have all kinds! It would've been pretty mean for you to assume that we just mindlessly upload surface-level Photoshop tips and that's it. We have many, many amazing tutorials for you to download. For example, we have Basics of Coding with Unreal Engine 4 by Packt Publishing. You know Unreal Engine 4, right? The one used in such games as Gears of War 4, Dead by Daylight, Street Fighter V, and the endlessly exciting-looking Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice. Yeah, that's the engine you're gonna master with the help of this particular tutorial. Sounds great, doesn't it?
While on the subject of game development, it would've been stupid not to mention the Python Game Development tutorial by Udemy. Of course, Python is considered to be the easiest programming language in existence, but still – you won't be able to figure that stuff out with no prior knowledge of the language of programming and all that. This helpful guide will actually aid you in building different games, the likes of Mario, Sonic, Flappy Bird, what have you.
If you want something less complex, we can offer, what else, Photoshop tutorials. You can easily download Photoshop tutorials here because we have plenty of them. The one we would like to mention/bring up/recommend is, of course, Complete Post Production Workflow – Mirror of my soul (v2.5). That's a mouthful, but believe us, you will be blown away by the results. You will learn how to process the raw file in Lightroom. You will be able to save all the adjustments as a preset.
The last tutorial we would like to mention to highlight the diversity that we offer - Cinema 4D R19 Wine Bottle Visualisation Tutorial by 3D Fluff. This one right here will help you built a bottle from the ground up. Doesn't sound as impressive as building a game or making a mirror into your soul, but, what the hell, it is one of the greatest, most in-depth tutorials we have for you.
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