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Data for Architectural Design
Are you looking for new skills to better prepare yourself for a career that uses building information modeling (BIM)? Find out how to bring the methods and insights of data analysis into the early phases of a design project. In this course, instructor Brian Myers shows you how to enter, analyze, and optimize architectural design data.
Author Alex
Archicad: Revit Workflow
When it comes to managing architectural design projects, Archicad needs no introduction. But did you know that you can transfer your design models from Graphisoft Archicad into Autodesk Revit? It’s a total gamechanger for AEC professionals—check out this course to learn more about why.
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After Effects 2022 Essential Training: The Basics
This course, designed to thoroughly initiate and inspire beginners, covers the basics of Adobe After Effects 2022. Instructor Mark Christiansen introduces you to the core terminology of After Effects and of film, video, and motion design.
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Introduction to C# with Unity (2021)
If you are a game developer using C# or a C# developer embarking on game development, this course can help you master using C# with Unity. After an introduction to Unity, get started installing Unity and Visual Studio. Learn how to use GameObjects and C# scripts. Once you’ve figured those out, explore what you can do with Unity’s Input System package, then check out how to use physics and collisions in Unity.
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Visual Studio for Unity Developers
The Unity editor is great for putting your game world together, but you can't write your code in it. With Visual Studio Tools for Unity, you can use the familiar code editing, debugging, and productivity features of Visual Studio to create editor and game scripts for your Unity project using C#, and you can debug your code using Visual Studio's powerful debugging capabilities. The useful features don’t end there, though. Visual Studio Tools for
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Mastering Adobe Camera Raw
Discover new imaging superpowers by mastering the tools in Adobe Camera Raw, the engine at the heart of all Adobe photo editing software. Learn what RAW files and DNG files are, as well as how to convert RAW files to DNG files with super resolution. Find out how to access Camera Raw from Photoshop, Lightroom, and After Effects; open and edit a RAW image; and work with the toolbar, slider controls, views, and panels.
Author Alex
AutoCAD Facilities Management: Returning to the Workplace
Returning to work after the pandemic presents a host of complex challenges. How do you stay safe on the job? How do you rearrange your workplace to accommodate sanitization and routine cleaning? In this course, instructor Shaun Bryant provides critical insights into how AutoCAD can be a tool to help you and your colleagues return to work safely.
Author Alex
Cert Prep: Unity Certified Associate Game Developer Design, Production, and Industry Awareness
With the power of Unity at your fingertips, you can create all manner of interactive and immersive worlds. And if your dream is to do so professionally, then becoming Unity certified may be the right move. With this credential, you can show potential employers that you have the skills they’re looking for, as well as enhance the quality of your Unity projects.
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