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Linkedin – Photoshop Selections: Tips, Tricks, and Techniques (2023)
Linkedin – Photoshop Selections: Tips, Tricks, and Techniques (2023) Take charge of Photoshop and make better, more targeted image adjustments with selections—including hard-to-select objects like hair, fuzzy edges, and color ranges. In this course, Rich Harrington reveals the importance of precise selections, whether you're masking, changing color and tone, or even storing transparency, and shows you how to make them with the tools in Adobe
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Linkedin – The Art of Photoshop Layers
Layers are the beating heart of any Photoshop composition. Layers let you manipulate your images in ways big and small, simple and fantastic. Layers allow you to keep the various elements of a composition separate, so that you can edit them independently. You can use layers to move elements, to add text or graphic shapes, or to combine images with masking, opacity, and blending effects. Starting with an overview of layer concepts and
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Linkedin – 3ds Max and V-Ray: ArchViz Material Details for Photorealism
Architectural visualization is all about creating photorealistic scenes. That means you need good tools to make believable renderings, especially if you want to land new work. In this course, architectural visualization expert Verena Tatiana shows you how to get the most out of one of the best tools on the market, Autodesk 3ds Max in V-Ray. Learn the skills you need to know to start making renderings that pass as real. Explore techniques to
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Linkedin – Blender 3.3 Essential Training
Linkedin – Blender 3.3 Essential Training Blender is a powerful open-source solution for 2D and 3D modeling, animation, compositing, and post-production. In this course, get a thorough overview of the updates, features, and enhancements in Blender 3.3, as well as practical production techniques that combine know-how with a healthy dose of how-to. Instructor David Andrade guides you through learning Blender in under an hour, then dives into
Author Alex
Linkedin – Motion Control 3D: Bringing Your Photos to Life in Three Dimensions Using Photoshop and After Effects
Have you looked at a photo and wished you were there, or wondered what the scene looked like to the photographer? Now you can bring your photos to life by adding motion and depth. Author Rich Harrington reveals how you can transport your photos into a three-dimensional world using Adobe Photoshop and After Effects. The course shows you how to select the right images and resolutions; how to use masks and layers to build a layered composition in
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Linkedin – Photoshop 2023 Essential Training
Linkedin (Lynda) – Photoshop 2023 Essential Training Whether you’re an experienced creative professional or just looking to make the most out of your new camera, learning how to use Photoshop 2023 efficiently and effectively is the best investment you can make to get the most out of your pixels. Photoshop is a deep, complex, and at times, intimidating product. In this course, instructor Julieanne Kost filters out the noise and complexity to help
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Linkedin – Illustrator 2023 Essential Training
Linkedin – Illustrator 2023 Essential Training With Tony Harmer Adobe Illustrator can be used to accomplish many different design tasks. For this reason, this course teaches core concepts and techniques that can be applied to any workflow for print, the web, or assets that will find their way into other applications. Instructor Tony Harmer explains the elements that make up the artboard, basic shapes, transforming objects and more. He discusses
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LinkedIn – Learning Cinema 4D (2022)
LinkedIn – Learning Cinema 4D (2022) MP4 | 1h 45min | ENG Cinema 4D is a hugely popular 3D software application developed by Maxon and is used all over the world to create motion graphics, visual effects, product renders, medical, and architectural visualizations to name just a handful of examples. In this course, instructor Andy Needham helps you build a firm foundation of how Cinema 4D works, so you can be confident to take on more challenging
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LinkedIn – Top 10 Video Camera Tricks
Are you a videographer, a content creator, or just someone who wants to make something exciting and new? It doesn’t matter how much experience you already have—you can always learn new tricks with your video camera. In this course, digital video expert and RHED Pixel founder Rich Harrington walks you through his top ten video camera tricks so you can start shooting the footage of your dreams. Find out more about what the pros do to capture
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Lynda – Maya: Facial Rigging (ENG-RUS)
UPDATED: Added RUSSIAN TRANSLATE. Rigging is a crucial step in character development and animation. A rig is the interface that dictates how your character moves and acts. And nowhere is this more important than the face: the window to your character's inner life. This course teaches you how to rig facial features for natural movement and expression using one of the leading 3D toolsets: Autodesk Maya.
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