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Author Alex
Today, 21:02
CGCircuit – Disintegration Effect II
Here is The Disintegration Effect 2 | The Skull | In this lesson we're gonna build a full setup and extend the technics from the first part to rigid body simulation. We are going to learn tips and tricks that I'm using in production such as advanced custom collision and clustering. I've prepared a lot of different exemple to have a good undestanding about velocity calculations, rotation by quaternion, displacment, timestep and grain
Author Alex
Today, 20:57
Unreal Engine Marketplace – Unreal Engine 4 – Multiplayer Team Based FPS In Blueprints
Creating A Unreal Engine 4 Team Based FPS With Several Game Modes From Ground Zero In 100% Blueprint Scripting
Author Alex
Today, 20:13
Rebelway – Ocean Rendering Using Redshift
This course is an in-depth look at how to create realistic oceans using Redshift in Houdini.
Author Alex
Today, 19:42
Udemy – Learn CATIA V5 From Scratch
This is basics to intermediate CATIA course. All you need to know to become confident user and become ready to employ your skills in industry environment. Course starts from sketching through creating 3D objects, assemblies and drawings creation to simulation. Basically, it covers full process of model creation to the final stage of presenting a model with real life images or animation videos. Upon completion you'll be able to carry CATIA in
Author Alex
Today, 16:02
21 Draw – Creating Expressive Characters with Kenneth Anderson
What exactly is ‘Characterfulness’? To Kenneth Anderson it’s ‘bringing your characters to life so they connect with and move your audience.’ Character design goes beyond a character’s physical looks: their hair, clothes, size, height, etc. A huge part of the design process is portraying who they ARE as a person, what their personality is and how they express emotions and feelings. As Kenneth says, ‘How a character acts, performs and expresses
Author Alex
Today, 15:59
21 Draw – Introduction to Photoshop with a Tablet with Erika Wiseman
Photoshop is a multi-use software, so it can do MANY different things, eg: photo-editing, graphic design, digital painting and more. It is intended for professionals and contains a ton of customizable settings, tools and features. Because of this, getting started with Photoshop may seem quite overwhelming, to say the least! How do you figure out what you need, where to find it and how it all works, without getting frustrated and confused?
Author Alex
Today, 15:55
21 Draw – Mastering Light and Shading with Aveline Stokart
In this course, she will guide you step by step in creating the same illustration four times—each time using a different kind of lighting. Intrigued? Well, that’s just the summary!
Author Alex
Today, 14:22
Skillshare – Adobe After Effects for UX/UI Prototyping
Motion graphics animation has been around for a while, but only recently has it become a massively important tool for UX/UI designers. This course will teach you everything you need to know about Adobe After Effects for UX/UI animations and prototyping software designs using animation.
Author Alex
Today, 14:09
Skillshare – Retro futuristic animation in after effects and cinema 4d
Hello, in this course we will learn to make a retro futuristic animation in cinema 4d and after effects.
Author Alex
Today, 10:09
MAGIX SOUND FORGE Audio Studio v14.0.75 Win
Recording, editing, restoration and mastering at the latest level of technology: SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 14 offers comprehensive tools and functions for all digital audio editing requirements. Record podcasts, edit your projects using professional effects, convert vinyls and cassettes to digital, produce soundtracks for videos and create and burn CDs. Discover SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 14, the audio tool that offers professional results in no
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