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Author Alex
Study of Colour and Emotion - Full Length Real-Time Process
ArtStation - Study of Colour and Emotion - Full Length Real-Time Process. Hey everyone! I uploaded a time-lapse for this painting which you can watch using the YouTube link below. If you wish to see every bit of the process then this is a full length MP4 video totalling 3.5 hours. You can watch all the mark-making in real time and see all of my mistakes too. - Almost 5GB download size so its a little hefty! This video has not been narrated and
Author Alex
Yesterday, 18:38
Realtimer v1.9 Pro for 3ds Max ALL Version Win x64
Realtimer v1.9 Pro for 3ds Max ALL Version Win x64. The Realtimer plugin allows you to capture your object manipulations as an animation with the ability to change smoothness and speed. You can either record it slow for more accuracy or make it fast as a timelapse. Use your imagination faster than ever before. It's an animation by your rules! instructions: Just install & enjoy: - Drag&drop the MZP file into 3dsmax window or run it from
Author Alex
Udemy – Unreal Engine 5 – Make AAA Game Vehicles
Create high quality and game ready functional vehicles in Unreal Engine 5 with this course! What you'll learn Create AAA quality vehicle with only blueprints Create mini game with checkpoints and best lap time Explore and create car friction Explore, create and tweak car engine Create and tweak car suspension Create the perfect steering for your car Make Enter - Exit logic from vehicles Add Breaking lights when hitting "S" on keyboard or hand
Author Alex
Yesterday, 18:29
Maxon Cinema 4D Studio R26.107 Win x64
Maxon Cinema 4D Studio R26.107 Win x64. Cinema 4D is a professional 3D modeling, animation, simulation and rendering software solution. Its fast, powerful, flexible and stable toolset make 3D workflows more accessible and efficient for design, motion graphics, VFX, AR/MR/VR, game development and all types of visualization professionals. Cinema 4D produces stunning results, whether working on your own or in a team. What's New Unify your workflows
Author Alex
Yesterday, 18:20
Boris FX Sapphire Plug-ins 2022.51 Win x64
Boris FX Sapphire Plug-ins 2022.51 for Adobe / Photoshop / OFX (Win x64). Sapphire plugins let you create stunning organic looks unmatched by any host native effect tools. Key features include over 270 effects and 3000+ presets, a powerful Effect and Transition Builder, and integrated tracking and masking with the Academy Award-winning Mocha. Sapphire’s superior image quality, control, and render speed offers massive time-savings — allowing
Author Alex
Yesterday, 14:15
Making a Boxbot in Blender 2.8
Blender Market - Making a Boxbot in Blender 2.8 - Rachel. Hey guys! Here I'll be going over the making of this little box bot. I used the addon boxcutter heavily throughout the process so I suggest you check it out if you haven't heard of it. You will get One hour narrated time-lapse Where I go over the entire process of making this box bot, from modeling to lighting, rendering and compositing in eevee. Ten minute boxcutter tutorial Just
Author Ariel
Yesterday, 14:03
Interiors Monthly – July 2022 (True PDF)
Interiors Monthly – July 2022. English | 100 Pages | True PDF | 32 MB
Author Ariel
Yesterday, 12:40
Senior's Guide To Canon – 4th Edition 2022 (PDF)
Senior's Guide To Canon – 4th Edition 2022. English | 180 pages | PDF | 158.6 MB
Author Alex
Yesterday, 11:08
Udemy – Mastering Pyro effects for Movies in Houdini
Mastering Fire Effects for Movies in Houdini. What you'll learn Pyro Visual Effects with Houdini Requirements basic knowledge requirements Description in this course i will take you step by step to learn the process of creating production quality fire effects for movies in Houdini from basic to final result , this course containing nine weeks , week1 set a tree on fire 2 lessons week2 burning running zombie in the wood 3 lessons week3 dust storm
Author Alex
Yesterday, 10:58
Udemy – Rigging with Houdini 18.5 – KineFX
Learn to create custom, game ready animation rigs in Houdini 18.5 with KineFX What you'll learn Learn to create a custom game ready animation rig in Houdini Requirements A basic understanding of Houdini and its interface Description Updated for Houdini 18.5 KineFX **** Volume 02 **** This update includes over 4 hours of new video introducing the new Houdini rigging workflow KineFX. We will create 2 complete game ready rigs using the new KineFX
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