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Udemy – Creating a Concentration Game Using Unity and C#
Learn Unity C# from 40 year programming veteran creating a Concentration card game in this beginner level course What you'll learn Learn to download, install and configure Unity and Visual Studio Learn to build a scene using a canvas, panels and objects Learn to code in C# to control how objects behave Learn about raycasting and collison detection, one of the most fundamental elements of video game development Learn to create elements of game UI
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Udemy – Level Up Your Mobile Game with Unity Multiplayer [ Netcode ]
Make your very own Unity Multiplayer Mobile Game in less than 4 Hours ! You'll make a LAN & Online Multiplayer version ! What you'll learn Setup Unity's Netcode Solution for GameObjects Create a LAN Game, to Play with Family & Friends Use Unity Relay Service to Connect Players across the Globe Create a simple 2D Game from Scratch Requirements Be familiar with the Unity Game Engine Have some basic C# knowledge Description Take your mobile
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Udemy – ZerotoMastery – Unity Bootcamp 3D Game Development
Learn Unity. Get Hired. This is the only Unity course you need to go from complete beginner (no coding experience) to coding your own 3D games and getting hired as a Game Developer this year! WHAT YOU'LL LEARN Learn Unity from scratch (one of the top cross-platform game engines for creating professional 3D games) Learn the C# programming language from scratch, including namespaces, classes, variables, functions and much more Step-by-step process
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Udemy – Unreal Engine 5 : The Witcher Inspired Scene
Learn how to create an UE5 scene inspired by The Witcher game What you'll learn Create an environment from scratch on UE5 Create next-gen trees Create multiple optimized shaders Create different vegetation type on Speedtree 9 Requirements Owning a computer with Windows 10 (64Bits) / Not tested on Windows 11 Winrar or 7zip to decompress files The basics of Unreal Engine Description During this course I will show you how to create a scene inspired
Author Alex
Udemy – Unreal Animation Mastery: Create Stunning 3D Animations – Ue5
Learn Keyframing, Rigging and More to Bring Your Creations to Life with the Latest Tools and Techniques of Unreal Engine What you'll learn Unreal Engine 5 Basics: Everything you need to know about Unreal Engine 5 as a beginner. Basics of Animation How animation works? Sequencer, Cine Camera, Camera Rig Rail, Camera Rig Crane and Camera Shakes. How to animate a Spaceship in Unreal Engine 5 Human and Zombie Skeletons and Animations. How Skeleton
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Udemy – Building Medieval Worlds – Unreal Engine 5 Modular Kitbash
Unreal Engine 5 Build your own fantasy world | Learn how to create your own RPG What you'll learn • Learning unique techniques for modular assets for stylized structures • Creating a functional water system with directional water flow and submergible boat assets • Building a fully functional open-world landscape material including distance, noise masking, and automatic material transitions • Assembling custom prop collections using blueprints to
Author Alex
Udemy – Ue5 Environment Art For All Levels: A Comprehensive Course
Create amazing landscapes, and versatile materials, using UE5 to further your game development. What you'll learn The basics of Unreal Engine, its tools and navigation. How to create high quality environments quickly. How to optimize your scenes. How to render and present your work. To be able to use the shader graph effectively, and to make custom materials. Requirements No programming needed, no experience in Unreal Engine needed, basic
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Udemy – Learn how to make an arkanoid game in the unity engine
Learn video game design, learn c# coding and learn the unity game engine. What you'll learn They will learn how to make a video game like arkanoid. They will learn the basics of c# coding. They will learn how to manage the unity game engine. After the course they will have the knowledge to make video games like arkanoid and will have the skills to adapt to make other video games. Requirements No programming experience needed as you will learn
Author Alex
Udemy – Physics For Unity 2022
2D & 3D | Create Projects With Confidence What you'll learn Get an in-depth understanding of the Unity Physics system Learn how and when to integrate Physics in your game projects Break down abstract game design mechanics into practical Unity Physics solutions Program C# for the most common and powerful Physics tasks Grasp key advanced topics and understand the future of Unity Physics Understand the A-Z of Unity Physics SAMPLE GAME: Create a
Author Alex
Udemy – Unity Multiplayer Fps Game: Steam & Mirror (No CCU limit)
No upper limit of players,unlimited. Fundamentals of multiplayer game development. Unity & Steam & Mirror Networking What you'll learn Making multiplayer games using Unity and Mirror. Learning the principles of multiplayer game development. Writing codes for server and clients. Creating a good looking and fundemental lobby to help matchmaking. Creating a working FPS game designed for 2 players without an upper limit of players! Using
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