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Domestika – Concept Art for Video Games
Domestika – Concept Art for Video Games with Nacho Yagüe MP4 | Multi Subs: Eng, Spa, Ger, Ita, Pt, Fr Learn to create scenes with a professional finish for AAA video games Nacho Yagüe is an art director and concept artist who has worked with Ubisoft to create video games such as Assassins Creed Unity, Watch Dogs 2, and Splinter Cell: Blacklist. Explore the workflow of a professional concept artist and learn—through his drawings—how Nacho
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Udemy – Physics For Unity 2022
2D & 3D | Create Projects With Confidence What you'll learn Get an in-depth understanding of the Unity Physics system Learn how and when to integrate Physics in your game projects Break down abstract game design mechanics into practical Unity Physics solutions Program C# for the most common and powerful Physics tasks Grasp key advanced topics and understand the future of Unity Physics Understand the A-Z of Unity Physics SAMPLE GAME: Create a
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Udemy – Mvc Architecture For Unity 2022
Model-View-Controller — Create projects with confidence in Unity 2022 What you'll learn Create new Unity projects with confidence, performance, and scalability Master design principles and design patterns Learn the pros and cons of the most popular architectural approaches Integrate MVC your projects with success Avoid the common pitfalls with creating, maintaining, and scaling Unity projects Get real experience on 4 included projects Identify
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Udemy – Make a Connect Puzzle Game in Unity
Make a Puzzle game with procedurally generated levels What you'll learn Complete Game from scratch Multiple levels with diificulties Procedurally Generate Levels Data Strucures and Code Optimization Managing Intermediate Unity Prpjects Requirements No knowledge necessay but Good to know Basic Knowledge of Unity Understanding of Data Structures Code Optimization Description "Learn to create the most difficult Puzzle Game in Unity"Connect Flow is
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Udemy – Roblox Complete Game Development Guide – Beginner To Mastery
Learn essential game development knowledge at any skill level! This includes coding, modeling, and more! What you'll learn How to install and utilize ROBLOX Studio to it's fullest potential. How to master programming effectively in Lua, in turn allowing infinite customization in your ROBLOX game. How to build ROBLOX games and experiences exactly how you envisioned them. How to properly sell digital items and game passes on your ROBLOX games. How
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Udemy – 2D Platformer Game In Unity With Playmaker And Touch Control
We are going to learn about unity playmaker and how you can make complete 2d game in it What you'll learn you would be able to make 2d platformer game you would be able to do it without coding you would also be able to learn touch controls for mobile gaming player movement, animations, score system etc. you will learn everything in this course about 2d games Requirements basic knowledge of unity Description This course is designed to give
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Udemy – Learning Unreal Engine: From Beginner To Pro
Get Up To Speed With A Working Knowledge Of Unreal Engine 4 and 5 Fast, And Have Fun At The Same Time What you'll learn You will learn how to download & install your personal free copy of Unreal Engine You will learn how to create your first Unreal Engine scene You will learn how to import assets to the Unreal Engine You will learn how to apply materials to your imported asset You will learn how to light a scene - in just a few simple steps
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Udemy – Learn To Create Advance Metroidvania 2D Character
Learn to create advance Metroidvania 2D character What you'll learn Build 2D Unity Game progarmming with C# Makind 2d metroidvania character give animation to your character Requirements have pc Description Are you looking for a course Unity course where you will build a small 2d metroidvania character game from scratch ? In this course we will create game charachter with lots of important things that any game character should have like, player
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Udemy – Unity Game Dev Course for Freelancers with Playfab + Photon
Learn how to use Unity, Playfab and Photon PUN to become a freelance game developer What you'll learn How to Sell Your Game Development Services on Various Online Platforms Where to Sell Game Development Solutions How to Converse With Potential Clients and Engage Them How to Extract Information From Potential Clients and Understand Their Requirements Fully Use Price Bracketing to Determine the Client's Budget Create a Statement of Work Which
Author Ariel
Player vs. Monster – The Making and Breaking of Video Game Monstrosity (Playful Thinking) – True PDF
Player vs. Monster – The Making and Breaking of Video Game Monstrosity (Playful Thinking). English | 2023 | ISBN: ‎ 0262047756 | 235 pages | True PDF | 14.52 MB A study of the gruesome game characters we love to beat—and what they tell us about ourselves. Since the early days of video games, monsters have played pivotal roles as dangers to be avoided, level bosses to be defeated, or targets to be destroyed for extra points. But why is the figure
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