Udemy – Unity Game Dev Course for Freelancers with Playfab + Photon

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Udemy – Unity Game Dev Course for Freelancers with Playfab + Photon

Learn how to use Unity, Playfab and Photon PUN to become a freelance game developer

What you'll learn
How to Sell Your Game Development Services on Various Online Platforms
Where to Sell Game Development Solutions
How to Converse With Potential Clients and Engage Them
How to Extract Information From Potential Clients and Understand Their Requirements Fully
Use Price Bracketing to Determine the Client's Budget
Create a Statement of Work Which Clearly Tells What Solutions You Will Be Providing
Set Milestones and Create Well Defined Modules to Get Paid for Work Done
Create a Basic 2D Platfomer
Add Basic Back-end Functionality Using Playfab into The 2D Platfomer
Add Multi-player features Inside the Platformer using Photon PUN. This will be a 2 player game
How to Complete Projects Successfully

Some Knowledge About Unity's Basic Features is Required
You should know how to navigate the Unity Editor
You should know how to set up an external editor for script editing
You should know how to at least create an Android build and install it on an Android Phone
Your Unity Installation Should Include WebGl, Windows, Linux and Android Modules
You should know about commonly used Unity Events, IEnumerators, and Unity's Physics Components
You should have basic knowledge about C# and and programming fundamentals
This course is not intended for absolute beginners, as I do not explain in things in great detail

EVEN IF YOU DO NOT WISH TO OFFER YOUR GAME DEVELOPMENT SKILLS AS A SERVICE, THE MULTIPLAYER GAME THAT WE WILL MAKE WITH PLAYFAB AS A BACK-END WILL BE EXTREMELY USEFUL FOR YOU! YOU CAN JUST SKIP THE PART WHERE I TEACH THE STUDENTS ABOUT HOW TO COMMUNICATE WITH CLIENTS AND BASIC SALES TECHNIQUESIn this course, I will teach you everything that you need to know to start freelancing as a Unity Game Developer. I will cover most of the important features that clients on online marketplaces such as Fiverr, Upwork and Guru require. I will:- Teach you how to communicate with clients and how to respond to various types of clients- Teach you how to Gather requirements and define modules for your client so you can get paid consistently- Teach you how to send videos to your clients to show the work that you have done and then get paid for thatTo do this we will develop a 2D Multiplayer Game Using Unity with Photon PUN for multiplayer integration, and PlayFab as a back-end for storing user data. We will:- Create a 2D platformer from scratch using free graphics. We will pretend that the client provided those graphics to us- Create a login, register, and verification system using Playfab as a backend- Use Photon PUN and its various features to setup random online matches between players.The objective of the game (we will pretend that the objective was given to us by the client) will be to reach to the end of the level before the opponent does. The Multi-player levels will include:- Traps and Pits the the player has to either jump over or avoid- Enemies with basic AI. They will try to attack the player and either cause a game over or slow the player down- A complete system where when one player reaches the end, the game automatically ends with one player winning and the other losingAs we will be using Photon PUN, the player avatars will not be able to fire back at the enemies or use any projectile system, since we will cover only basic synchronization which itself is a task that even AAA studios struggle with.

Who this course is for
People who wish to learn Game Development and Start freelancing
People who wish to learn how to sell game development solutions as a side gig to earn extra cash
People who wish to learn how to Develop a Mutli-player Platform Game Using Unity with the Photon PUN Plugin with Playfab Backend Features
Game Developers that are looking to quit their 9 to 5 job to start their own business as a service provider

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