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Nucly Silhouette Composites Course
Free download Nucly Silhouette Composites Course. Learn to create epic composites using Silhouette brushes! Get this course so you learn different methods of using the Silhouette brushes and how to integrate them realistically into your composite, giving them scope and a feeling that they belong! 9 Brushes included.
Author Alex
Up To Speed With Photoshop – Video tutorial
CreativeLive – Up To Speed With Photoshop – Video tutorial. The Fastest Way To Learn The Newest Features In Photoshop, Adobe Camera Raw, And Bridge AFTER THIS CLASS YOU’LL BE ABLE TO Know where to find the newest features in Photoshop. Have practical knowledge of how to use the newest additions. Know if you should be excited about what’s changed. ABOUT BEN'S CLASS Take a tour of the most recently added features in Photoshop, Bridge and Adobe
Author Alex
Craftsy - Panoramas & Multiple Exposures
Craftsy - Panoramas & Multiple Exposures. Using multiple frame techniques such as panoramas and multiple exposures, photographers can shoot an unbroken view of their surroundings and combine exposures to reveal detail in shadows and highlights. In this class, you’ll learn • How to shoot a panorama • Panorama composition • Situations for using panoramas • Important techniques for panning • How to shoot multiple exposures • How multiple
Author Alex
Phlearn - Advanced Color Grading in Lightroom Classic
Phlearn - Advanced Color Grading in Lightroom Classic. Color grading is one of the most expressive parts of the photo editing process. With the power to make an image feel dark and mysterious, light and airy, cool and tranquil, or warm and kinetic, color can take your images to surprising places. In this course we take a look at the advanced coloring tools in Lightroom Classic. From the Tone Curve and HSL controls to workflow enhancers like
Author Alex
Basics of Photography and Shooting in the Manual Mode
Free download video course by Udemy – Basics of Photography and Shooting in the Manual Mode. Learn the Basics of Photography and Master the Manual Mode of Your DSLR or Mirrorless Camera. What you'll learn Learning How to Shoot in the Manual Mode Learning About the Different Parts and Functions of a DSLR or Mirrorless Camera Learning the Usage of Aperture Learning the Usage of Shutter Speed Learning the Usage of ISO Learning How Aperture, Shutter
Author Alex
Kelvin Designs – The Complete Composite Bundle
Free download video tutorials by Kelvin Designs – The Complete Composite Bundle. This is the Kelvin Pimont Complete Package! I have brought together my entire selection of courses and addons for photography, Photoshop and Lightroom into one package at an amazing discount! Everything below is included in this bundle.
Author Alex
Chris Orwig - BOUNDLESS The Everything Bundle
Chris Orwig - BOUNDLESS The Everything Bundle. The Boundless Bundles includes 20+ courses, a digital copy of my book, my Lightroom Presets, and more! covers Lightroom, Photoshop, Portraiture, Creative Inspiration, and more! Included in this Bundle: Lightroom Classic Essentials Work Faster in Lightroom Photoshop 101: The Essentials Photoshop 201: Beyond the Basics Photoshop 301: Advanced Techniques Work Faster in Photoshop How to Create Better
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Retouching of a Whisky Bottle From Plain to Dramatic look
Photigy - Retouching of a Whisky Bottle From Plain to Dramatic look. In this tutorial you will learn how the image of Whisky Bottle for Pro Corner Challenge #1 was created
Author Alex
Top 20 Portrait Tips
KelbyOne - Top 20 Portrait Tips. Join Scott and open the door to his top 20 portrait tips and tricks—that make you faster, and more efficient. In this session you will learn how to keep everything on the set moving forward with tips on how to work with your subject to things you can do right during the shoot in post that make a big difference. This is a super fast-paced class packed with lots of info that will make your photography sessions more
Author Alex
Simplified Portrait Photography
Udemy - Simplified Portrait Photography. What you'll learn Actually UNDERSTAND your camera! Know what you DO and DON'T need for great photos (and you don't need much) How to POSE people simply and easily Know why LIGHTING makes people look their best and how to really USE it How to EDIT photos to make them look epic! The 4 SIMPLE STEPS to great portraits Requirements Just bring your phone or any digital camera Description The fastest and easiest
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