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Author Alex
Adobe Photoshop for Photo Editing and Image Retouching 2022
Master Photoshop Tools and Techniques for Creative Photo Editing in Photoshop | Old photo Restoration with Photoshop
Author Alex
Adobe Lightroom CC Course: The only course you ever need!
Learn how to create amazing photos with Adobe Lightroom CC with detailed explanation. With Lightroom CC 2022 updates!
Author Alex
The Well-Rounded Photographer
The Well-Rounded Photographer tutorial includes over 13 hours of content from eight world-class instructors. Learn the skills needed to master landscape, product, headshot, architecture, editorial, studio, and natural light photography all in one tutorial. These brand new lessons are not found in any other tutorial.
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Karl Taylor Photography – COMPLETE Website Content
Karl Taylor Photography – COMPLETE Website Content
Author Alex
Complete Adobe Lightroom Megacourse: Beginner to Expert (Nov 2021)
Learn how to use Adobe Lightroom Classic and Adobe Lightroom CC like a pro with this step-by-step course!
Author Alex
How to Shoot a Dynamic Timelapse and Hyperlapse
Adding time lapses into your project can elevate your project and add a splash of character, but what are they? And how do we capture them? Time lapses are visually dynamic pieces of video content that are meant to show the passing of time. You can have a simple, static time-lapse or you can mix it up a little and play with long exposure or even add movement to your time-lapse to create a motion time-lapse or hyper-lapse. Time-lapses can be
Author Alex
Narrative Photography: Storytelling through a Photographic Lens
This class offers students a framework for building a story around their own unique perspective through photography.
Author Alex
Dark Moody Portraits – Editing Techniques with Adobe Photoshop
In this course I’ll be editing 5 portraits with a dark moody look. This look doesn’t meant that the images are really dark or sad. It’s more about a feel, an emotion. So the edits are going to be with lots of cold colors like cyan, blue, green that will work great against the orange and reddish colors of the skin.
Author Alex
How to Wow Daytime Workshop and Evening Seminar
In one of his most ambitious endeavors, top wedding and portrait photographer Jerry Ghionis will teach you how to wow your clients every time with extraordinary images. Learn Jerry’s method of resourcefully transforming any location and utilizing available light to create timeless pieces.
Author Alex
Masking for Manipulations in Adobe Photoshop
Have you ever wondered how artists blend two vastly different images together? Have you ever had an idea to create a composite using multiple pictures but just didn’t know how? You can do all of this in Adobe Photoshop with masking. This class is for anyone interested in blending multiple images together to create original work.
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