Author Ariel
Practical Photoshop – Issue 144, March 2023 (True PDF)
Practical Photoshop – Issue 144, March 2023. English | 34 pages | True PDF | 21.7 MB
Author Alex
Adobe Photoshop 2023 Win x64
Adobe Photoshop 2023 Win x64 Reimagine reality with Photoshop. Millions of designers, photographers, and artists around the world use Photoshop to make the impossible possible. From posters to packaging, basic banners to beautiful websites, unforgettable logos to eye-catching icons, Photoshop keeps the creative world moving. With intuitive tools and easy-to-use templates, even beginners can make something amazing. The creative world
Author Alex
Udemy – Midjourney! Create Beautiful Digital AI Art with Midjourney
Midjourney: Beginner to Pro Masterclass for Creating Digital AI Art with Midjourney. A Comprehensive Midjourney Guide! What you'll learn Develop your personal style and create stunning A.I. art with MidJourney & master MidJourney's text-to-image too for generating professional-grade art Learn to use Discord effectively to enhance your creations and engaging with the community Understand fundamentals of prompting including text and image
Author Alex
Udemy – Photoshop Action and ChatGPT Course for Productivity
What you’ll learn Course 1: Work with Photoshop action Course 1: Load, run, delete, save action Course 1: monochromatic and drawing action Course 1: Conditional action Course 2: ChatGPT High Demand Offering Services Course 2: Get best money making ways easily Course 2: 65 video lessons Course 3: ChatGPT command list for any internet marketing purpose Course 3: Boost your digital marketing journey Course 3: Unlock the true power of ChatGPT Course
Author Alex
Lumenzia Panel for Adobe Photoshop v11.3.5 Win/Mac
Lumenzia Panel for Adobe Photoshop v11.3.5 Win/Mac Luminosity masks allow you to create gorgeous and realistic edits in Photoshop. Lumenzia allows you to use use them quickly and easily. Its advanced jаvascript engine handles all the luminosity masking complexity for you in the background, so all you need to think about is making beautiful images. Features: Dynamic interface with sliders to quickly and easily create custom masks BlendIf
Author Alex
Udemy – Essentials Training Course – Adobe Photoshop
You will learn Photoshop Retouching and Photoshop for graphic design in this fantastic Adobe Photoshop Essentials course What you'll learn You will be able to start earning money from your Photoshop Skills. You will be able to add Photoshop to your CV You will create social media post images for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest & Youtube. You will achieve the experience and knowledge to take graphic design fundamentals and apply them
Author Ariel
Photoshop Elements 2023 For Seniors (EPUB, PDF)
Photoshop Elements 2023 For Seniors. English | 2022 | ASIN: B0BRGGXBMS | 275 pages | EPUB, PDF | 45 Mb With Adobe Photoshop Elements 2023, you can edit your photos and use the latest AI technologies to improve the best ones. The software also comes with a number of additional features and functionalities, including improved speed and stability, new templates for collages and slide shows, more tools, and much more. The focus of the day for
Author Alex
Coloso – How to Design Stylish and Trendy Characters for Illustrations Concept Artist
How to Create Trendy Character Art From a Popular Concept Artist If you want to draw a character that attracts attention from a wide audience, that character requires a solid “concept.” Designing a character without that understanding will result in artwork which incorporates meaningless details.
Author Alex
Udemy – Adobe Photoshop For Beginners: Learn The Essentials & Be Pro
To the Point 1 Hour Course for Mastering the Basics and Becoming a Pro Editor What you'll learn A to the point one hour course to give you all essentials skills and knowledge of photoshop Overview of photoshop, its layout and tools Learn how to use Photoshop tools with live examples Learn Basic photo editing and retouching Learn how to change background and edit pictures Learn how to mask and use texts and brushes Learn how to make professional
Author Alex
Domestika – Concept Art for Video Games
Domestika – Concept Art for Video Games with Nacho Yagüe MP4 | Multi Subs: Eng, Spa, Ger, Ita, Pt, Fr Learn to create scenes with a professional finish for AAA video games Nacho Yagüe is an art director and concept artist who has worked with Ubisoft to create video games such as Assassins Creed Unity, Watch Dogs 2, and Splinter Cell: Blacklist. Explore the workflow of a professional concept artist and learn—through his drawings—how Nacho
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