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FlippedNormals – Complete Introduction to Environment Art – Tutorial Course
FlippedNormals – Complete Introduction to Environment Art – Tutorial Course This step-by-step tutorial is tailored to teach you the complete process of creating an environment from scratch, regardless of your prior experience. You will gain a comprehensive understanding of the techniques used in the industry, including modeling, sculpting, creating both procedural and unique textures, level art, lighting and composition, foliage creation, and
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Udemy – Game Asset Workflow (Blender, Substance Painter, Unreal)
A straightforward game art workflow that you can depend on What you'll learn Learn the asset creation workflow from blockout to engine implementation UV Unwrap quickly using my sharpening/UVing workflow in Blender Create super clean highpoly bakes using all of the tricks involved in the course Form a seamless export process from Substance Painter to Unreal Engine (UE5 works as well!) Create an easy to use master material in Unreal Engine for all
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Skillshare – Unreal Engine 5 Pro ArchViz Project in 3 Hours
This newly added section adds a completely new project created with all the latest techniques and tools in Unreal Engine 5. Students will use Lumen and Nanite to leverage Unreal Engine's unique ability to create real time global illumination. Follow along in this portion to explore the latest in real time technology, and create stunning results with architectural animations. You won't find an easier, faster way to get up and running with Unreal
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Unreal Engine Marketplace – Brushify – Smart Brush System
Unreal Engine Marketplace – Brushify – Smart Brush System This package bundles all existing Brushify Alpha Brushes and Distance meshes into a single unified product with example levels. It has a massive 20GB+ of realistic Brushify 8k Alpha Brushes and Distance meshes. It also comes with a sophisticated landmass based blueprint system called SmartBrush, which allows you to non-destructively edit landscapes in real-time. Supports Unreal Engine 5
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Udemy – Unreal Engine 5: (Easy!) Mini-Map
Create an easy Mini-Map for your Unreal Engine projects! What you'll learn How to import and create assets in Unreal How to create / edit Widget Blueprints in Unreal How to create / display a Mini-Map in Unreal How to display icons within a Mini-Map Requirements No programming or previous Unreal Engine experience necessary! Description In this game development course, you'll learn how to create and add a simple mini-map to your Unreal Engine
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Unreal Engine Marketplace – Asset Mega Bundle 4 January 2023
Unreal Engine Marketplace – Asset Mega Bundle 4 January 2023 Includes: 500+ Ultimate LUTs Pack Advanced Framework Animated Traps Pack 4.27 BackgroundBlurWithMask 4.27 Biomass Cover Chat Groups Guilds v1.1.7 Combat Music Collection 4.27 Detective character 5.0 Dialogue Plugin 1.5 5.1 Easy Multi Save v1.43-1.42 (5.1) Edit UI Screen Widget 5.0 Elite Landscapes Fractal Alien EXTILE PLUS Non-repetitive tiling master materials and functions v3 (5.0)
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Udemy – Advanced Texture Character Creation
Texture characters, costumes and Props in a way that they aesthetically look good. What you'll learn Retopology your high poly model with animation reddy edge flow. Texture characters in a way that they are aesthetically looking good. Texturing costumes and Props with matching the overall look. Xgen Hair Creation Uving and Baking Maps Requirements Basic working experience with Maya, Zbrush, Unreal Engine, Substance Painter and Photoshop
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Udemy – Unreal Engine 5 for Beginners – Create your first game
Everything you need to start in Unreal Engine: blueprints, animations, character, environment and more What you'll learn Unreal Engine 5 basics: levels, actors, components, collisions Blueprints from theory to practice (create 10+ blueprints) Animation - idle, walk, run and jump UI Widgets - for collectables (coins), trigger boxes and menu How to create a real 3D game in Unreal Engine and export it Requirements No experience required, you'll
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Udemy – Complete Unreal Engine 5 Mastery
For Architects and Interior Designers – Beginner to Advanced What you’ll learn The latest version of the unreal engine 5 Different types of lighting Creating different types of materials from scratch Full tutorial on getting the exe output and checking all the bugs Animation and Scene Setting Description Unreal engine is one of the most advanced real-time 3D graphic tools for rendering which is used in animation, materialization, lighting, … in
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Udemy – Learning Unreal Engine: From Beginner To Pro
Get Up To Speed With A Working Knowledge Of Unreal Engine 4 and 5 Fast, And Have Fun At The Same Time What you'll learn You will learn how to download & install your personal free copy of Unreal Engine You will learn how to create your first Unreal Engine scene You will learn how to import assets to the Unreal Engine You will learn how to apply materials to your imported asset You will learn how to light a scene - in just a few simple steps
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