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Author Alex
Udemy – Cute & Easy Animal Characters In Procreate & Paper. Series 1
Sketching Phase. Learn to design cute animal characters in a fun and easy way with step-by-step projects What you'll learn Identify the key features of the animals you want to draw Get the cute factor Basic knowledge of Procreate Use “The Egg Method” to create super cute and simple animal characters Recharge your creative batteries and have fun! Requirements Suitable for complete beginners - absolutely no experience necessary Paper and pencil or
Author Alex
How to Draw and Paint People Made Simple
Udemy - How to Draw and Paint People Made Simple. Are you tired of not being able to draw nice faces? Do you wonder why your portraits look weird? Do you find it difficult to understand anatomy and figure drawing? Then this course is what you're looking for! You will learn how to draw the male and female body, understand simplified forms of the body, and how to draw and paint portraits! You will also be going through the process of painting the
Author Alex
Call of duty Poster design | Advanced photo manipulation | Adobe photoshop 2022
Skillshare - Call of duty Poster design | Advanced photo manipulation | Adobe photoshop 2022. I'm a digital artist, instructor, and a YouTuber. I'll guide you through his class on creating an engaging photo manipulation design using Adobe Photoshop. In this course, I'll be sharing many useful techniques and best practices I have been using in my own work. This workshop is a very effective way to improve your Photo manipulation skills with an
Author Alex
Photoshop For Architecture Students
Udemy - Photoshop For Architecture Students. The perfect learning curve for the architecture students on getting into Photoshop. What you'll learn Set up your photoshop for the best experience setting. Getting to know the basic photoshop tools and how/where to apply them. Creating an architecture poster as your kick starter. Understanding how to make a diagram. Going through in-depth post-production rendering workflow. Getting feedbacks on the
Author Alex
Learn Architecture Rendering In Photoshop ( Collage Style )
Udemy - Learn Architecture Rendering In Photoshop ( Collage Style ). Learn the foundational Photoshop skills to create effective architectural visual representations in the collage style What you'll learn Photoshop from Scratch Architecture Digital Collage Examples of Great Digital Representations Photoshop Shortcuts for Faster Workflow Requirements Software: Photoshop Description In this class you will learn Photoshop in a way which will make
Author Alex
Photomanipulation – Art of Composite
Photomanipulation – Art of Composite. Module 1 | PREP WORK & PLANNING 8 VIDEOS | 95.5 MINUTES | In this module you’ll learn how to prepare and plan for your Photo Manipulation / Compositing projects, as well as essential fundamentals for understanding Colour, Light, and Composition. Module 2 | FOUNDATIONAL TOOLS 8 VIDEOS | 107.5 MINUTES | The Foundational Tools Module will teach you the ESSENTIAL tools for creating Photo Manipulation /
Author Alex
Master Pixel Art - Beginner to Professional (2022)
Udemy - Master Pixel Art - Beginner to Professional (2022). Learn how to make amazing pixel art tilesets with Aseprite step by step What you'll learn How to start in pixel art with a easy to follow beginner section. How to use colors in pixel art as well as shading and a clean linework. How to use Asprite. How to create different styles in pixel art. How to create tilesets, as well as complete Szenes in different perspectives. Requirements You
Author Alex
Drawing People in Cute Outfits
Udemy – Drawing People in Cute Outfits. Fashion Inspired Illustration What you’ll learn Draw stylized characters in clothes inspired by fashion or your own imagination How to simplify the shapes, fabrics, folds, and shadows so you create cool outfits that will make your characters stand out About proportions, silhouettes, and character poses Techniques of how you can work with real-life references and translate them into your stylized character
Author Alex
Ko-fi - Nordeva - Keys to Shading videotutorials
Ko-fi - Nordeva - Keys to Shading videotutorials. On these two videos, she focus on general concepts and tips which may be useful to everyone, rather than trying to show her own shading style. They include a brief theory explanation and a voiced-over speedpaint where she goes over her shading thought process.
Author Alex
Essentials of Masking in Photoshop and Lightroom
Lynda - Essentials of Masking in Photoshop and Lightroom. Masking is one of the most commonly preferred tools for editing and compositing digital images. It’s easy to get started with masks, too, especially in Photoshop or Lightroom. In this course, graphic artist Theresa Jackson gives you an overview of masking and how it works in each application so you can decide what’s best for you. Learn the essentials of masks, how they function, and why
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