Photoshop/Digital Panting tuts

Author Alex
The Concept Sprint
3 weeks of live daily 1 hour Concept art classes from top industry pros. These are really fun group painting/vis dev classes where panelist talk while a new teacher paints/draws each day of the week covering different topics.
Author Alex
Character Design Sprint
This is a 4 week intensive daily character design course. This is meant to accelerate your character drawing skills 10x with daily lessons from several leading industry pros.
Author Alex
How To DESIGN CHARACTERS for comics, games, and animation
Do you want to learn how to design characters for games, comic books, or animation? Well, HERE is where you start!! Right here on Skillshare!!
Author Alex
Orc Portrait by Max Grecke
This is a 3 hour real-time recorded video of me making the orc portrait from start to finish, no speed up parts. Including voice over where I share my process, thoughts, and general ideas about digital art. Included is the PSD file used in the video and the brushes. This tutorial is an upgrade from my older Basic Bust Digital Art Tutorial!
Author Alex
TERM 9 – Heads & Skin Tones Lesson + Painting
Gumroad – TERM 9 – Heads & Skin Tones Lesson + Painting by Ahmed Aldoori.
Author Alex
Illustrating Expressive and Atmospheric Art
Are you looking to capture emotion through your art? In this class I’m going to show you how to create atmospheric pieces and how to effectively use color to convey mood! I’ll be going through the whole process in Clip Studio Paint, from the initial sketch to the final stages of rendering. I’ll also be reviewing concepts such as color theory and composition.
Author Alex
How to draw fantasy dress
In this tutorial, I draw a shimmering fantasy style outfit. step by step I will show you the entire process of the creation of this artwork.
Author Alex
Turn Your Photos into a Digital Drawing - Online iPad Drawing Class
As anyone who has tried to draw a picture knows, it's harder than you think to create the atmosphere that you want. It is not too difficult to realistically reproduce the picture if you take the time, but it takes a lot of thought to draw a picture with the desired feeling with proper omissions and exaggerations.
Author Alex
The Ultimate Guide to Illustration: From Beginner to Intermediate
No one can master in any skill within a second. It takes time and effort to draw so-called masterpiece. Regardless of your skill level, having a dedicated drawing practice is a key. In this class, I am going to encourage you to take as much as time to draw and make yourself feel more confident and prepared in drawing.
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