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Author redzz
Unreal Engine – Zombie1 Model+Animation
Video preview: The first of a series of game-ready Zombies made using AAA best practices. This content package includes 44 custom motion captured animations on the Unreal skeleton; a primary skinned mesh with high-res diffuse, subsurface, normal and specu
Author redzz
Unreal Engine – Zombie with T-Shirt
Zombie with T-shirt model. 3 Body materials, 4 Top Materials, 3 Bottom Materials Body parts for dismembering. Two Blueprints included, OneMesh and Parts where body parts are assembled. Variables in the BPs to customize the model with the different mat
Author redzz
Unreal Engine – Yuko - Stylized Character
Stylized character - Yuko Constains 19 animation. 2 Different color materials. ANIMATION TYPES LIST:attack_armed_01attack_armed_02attack_armed_failattack_unarmed_01attack_unarmed_02attack_unarmed_failequipunequipidlejump_startjump_airjump_landjump_lan
Author redzz
Unreal Engine – Yughues Metal Materials
A pack regrouping all the metal materials I've made since 2008 and reworked to be PBR friendly for the new game engines. The materials are ready to use, just drag and drop the material on your mesh and voilà. More non-PBR materials can be found on . [b]T
Author redzz
Unreal Engine – Wooden statues
Here you can find few wooden statues. Also bone and copper material sets are include. Triangle counts: Statue 1 - 1940 tris Statue 2 - 1960 tris Statue 3 - 890 tris Statue 4 - 940 tris Statue 5 - 930 tris Statue 6 - 1000 tris Statue 7 - 940 tris
Author redzz
Unreal Engine – White rocks
Here you can find several cliff high quality models and example how to gather landscape using this models. Triangles count: Huge stone 1 - 6000 tris Huge stone 2 - 4990 tris Big stone - 5000 tris Flat stone 1 - 2000 tris Flat stone 2 - 5830 tris Fl
Author redzz
Unreal Engine – VoiceBuilder
Assemble your own sentences and make your game talk using VoiceBuilder. Includes 3 different voices with 755 words each, including the most common english words in the dictionary as well as most technical and military jargon. The voices have an artificial
Author redzz
Unreal Engine – Virtual Photography Kit
VIDEO VIDEO VIDEO DOCUMENTATION If you're not yet using Unreal for your product shots, you're missing out! We've all felt a bit overwhelmed with the complexity of a game engine at some point. Don't you just want to make great looking renders? Thi
Author redzz
Unreal Engine – VFX Grenade Pack
Video 4.25 update: Now Updated for Unreal Engine 5 This pack contains grenade effects for the following physical materials: -Default -Air -Concrete -Dirt -Grass -Ice -Metal -Snow -Wood -Water All effects are a mixture of CPU, GPU and mesh em
Author redzz
Unreal Engine – VFX Fire Pack
Videos: Now updated for Unreal Engine 5!!! The fire pack contains complete fire effects for placement in your environments now updated with Niagara emitters. Fires range from a tiny candle flame to a roaring fire. Fires for torches, frames, and differe
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