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Udemy – Create A Dancing Girl In Zbrush And Marvelous Designer
In this course you will learn to create a female character from scratch and her dress What you'll learn Creating a female body from scratch Learn how to create face in ZBrush Learn to create a Victorian Style Dress in Marvelous Desinger Creating the shoes and other props for character Making the dress Sculpt Ready Posing the Character for final presentation Requirements Basic to Intermediate level of understanding required for the software like
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Wingfox – Learn ZBrush Stylized Character Sculpting
Wingfox – Learn ZBrush Stylized Character Sculpting (2023) with Qi Sheng Luo English subs | Duration 35h | Project Files Included | MP4 1920x1080 This tutorial demonstrates the workflow Of stylized character sculpting. The reference Of this tutorial is from the game Mahjong Soul, developed by Catfood Studio. This tutorial has two parts. In the first part, the lecturer will walk you through ZBrush, including its functions and basic, with a case
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Skillshare – Sculpting Expressive Creature Bust in ZBrush
Skillshare – Sculpting Expressive Creature Bust in ZBrush MP4 | ENG | 12 Lessons (1h 16m) | by Akash Singh, Senior Character Artist Welcome to the class of creating expressive busts which have some characters! In this class I will teach you the basic techniques of creating a head bust with strong expression and some sculpting techniques which can be useful for creating any kind of character.
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Udemy – Sculpting Stylized character Kratos In Zbrush
Learn how to Create Stylized Character Kratos In Zbrush What you'll learn Basic Intro To Zbrush Sculpting Stylized character Kratos In Zbrush Tip and tricks Inside Zbrush Zbrush To Blender Import And Export Photoshop Composite Render Poly Painting In Zbrush Requirements Zbrush Software Blender Software Description RequirementsZbrush basic knowledge is required DescriptionHello, guys.My name is Habib, and I have 10+ years of experience creating
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Udemy – ZBrush Beginner’s Course: Sculpting Crile the Crocodile
Learn the basics of ZBrush while translating 2D concepts into 3D! What you’ll learn Getting Started in ZBrush Learn how navigate and customise the ZBrush UI to bend to your will! Learn how take a 2D concept and translate it into 3D Learn how to colour and texture in ZBrush Make use of simple tehniques to achieve complex results Learn how to use the blender interface Learn how to present and render your work with blender Learn simple composition
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The Gnomon Workshop – Sculpting Miniatures for Boardgames Using ZBrush
The Gnomon Workshop – Sculpting Miniatures for Boardgames Using ZBrush MP4 | ENG | Duration: 252 Minutes | Format: HD 1920x1080 Learn how to translate a 2D concept into a 3D miniature using ZBrush and KeyShot in this 4-hour workshop by Digital Sculptor Francesco Orru. This tutorial is intended for artists who already have some knowledge of digital sculpting in ZBrush and are ready to delve into the world of creating miniatures from concept art.
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Udemy – Head anatomy and sculpting exercises course
Learn anatomy and shapes of male and female head for 3D and 2D artists What you'll learn Anatomy and forms of human head and face Shapes of human head Sculpting human head from sphere tips and tricks Head sculpting exercises Requirements Just seeking a knowledge of human head forms and shapes required Description So you like making human heads but they tend to look a bit bad?And you wanna reach a pro level in a few hours?Hmmm, it is not really
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Udemy – Arrimus Ultimate 3D Modeling Course (Updated 12-2022)
Work with a variety of programs to supercharge your designs. What you'll learn Learn how to retopologize, model, and design a mechanical character with 3DS Max. Learn how to retopologize, model, and design a mechanical character with Blender. Learn how to sculpt in Zbrush at a basic level. Learn how to integrate CAD/NURBS into your designs. Plasticity(beta) is used for this course. Requirements Make sure you have your poly-modeling program of
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Skillshare – Sculpting the lower part of the face in Blender 3D
Studying each part of your mesh will be on of the best tools available to you when looking for improvement or just starting out. In this class we explore the major parts of the lower face , like the mouth , nose and chin. You'll start at the basic shapes and slowly form each part. Blender we'll be used in this tutorial , but most of the principles could be applied on other 3D sculpting applications. However a basic understanding of the app that
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ArtStation – AAA Game Character Creation Course Part1 – High Poly
ArtStation – AAA Game Character Creation Course Part1 – High Poly (by FastTrack Tutorials) Learn how a professional character artist works when creating characters for games. You’ll learn techniques like blocking out, Cloth simulation, Skin detailing, High poly creation & detailing, hair sculpting, and much more. ZBRUSH, MARVELOUS DESIGNER & 3DS MAX There is a lot that will be covered in this course, but the main topics are as follows:
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