Udemy – Sculpting Stylized character Kratos In Zbrush

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Udemy – Sculpting Stylized character Kratos In Zbrush

Learn how to Create Stylized Character Kratos In Zbrush

What you'll learn
Basic Intro To Zbrush
Sculpting Stylized character Kratos In Zbrush
Tip and tricks Inside Zbrush
Zbrush To Blender Import And Export
Photoshop Composite Render
Poly Painting In Zbrush

Zbrush Software
Blender Software

RequirementsZbrush basic knowledge is required DescriptionHello, guys.My name is Habib, and I have 10+ years of experience creating stylized characters in ZBrush.Creating stylized characters can be very challenging if you are a beginner-level artist because you need to know many concepts like anatomy, shapes, forms, and terms that will confuse you initially.But in this course, I'll teach you many methods, tips, and tricks for creating characters very quickly. And once you have finished this course, you can create or approach any characters without difficulties.In this course, we will start our lessons with the first chapter, where I will introduce you to ZBrush and teach you some basics of ZBrush before we start our course.Next, we will learn to sculpt the head section of the character, where I will create the eyes, mouth, beard any other parts of the facenext, We will make the characters' body parts like hands, torso legs, armor, etc .....We will also use blender to create the axe for the character, so you will learn how to use blender and Zbrush to import and export your models without any problems.And then, we will add the final details to our model to give it a finishing looknext, we will learn how to poly-paint our character, where I will teach you how to add materials to different parts of the modelAnd at the end of the chapter, we will learn how to create quick renders in Photoshop by exporting the maps.So why wait? Jump into the course you'll enjoy and have a fun time with me on creating this character from scratch. I'll be waiting for you in the class.On-screen keysThe entire course is recorded with On-Screen keystrokes and mouse clicks for viewers to ensure that Substance Painter users of any skill level can come with ease throughout this course. The buttons are scaled and positioned to be viewed from any sized device (ex., Mobile Phone or PC, or Laptop) at your comfort.IDEAL STUDENTS :I have designed this course for Absolute beginner brush artist students who want to model beautiful-looking Stylized Charterers.The course is also for artists who want to speed up their workflow in Zbrush and improve their skill in making muscular male anatomy, clothes, accessories, Etc.

Who this course is for
Any Zbrush Artist Who Wants To Learn To Create Characters

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