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Skillshare – Procreate for iPad Beginner Class
The Procreate for iPad Beginner Class might be your solution if you hardly have time to pull out all the materials for traditional painting. Digital painting with Procreate for iPad is totally worth a look. You just grab your iPad and your Apple Pencil and start drawing. You can mimic all kind of brushes such as watercolor, gouache, pastel and even the paper texture - you name it, Procreate can most probably do it! In this class I show you how
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Gumroad – Architectural Design for Film
Gumroad – Architectural Design for Film by Nick Stath In this tutorial, I will show you how I designed an Architectural Environment for a film using both 2D and 3D methods. We will first design a 2D sectional drawing in response to a brief, then take it into a 3D program to build a base for our final Concept Sketches. Topics covered - Translating ideas into a 2D cross-section (Procreate) - 2D Cross-section to basic 3D model (Blender) - Final 3D
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Domestika – Concept Art for Video Games
Domestika – Concept Art for Video Games with Nacho Yagüe MP4 | Multi Subs: Eng, Spa, Ger, Ita, Pt, Fr Learn to create scenes with a professional finish for AAA video games Nacho Yagüe is an art director and concept artist who has worked with Ubisoft to create video games such as Assassins Creed Unity, Watch Dogs 2, and Splinter Cell: Blacklist. Explore the workflow of a professional concept artist and learn—through his drawings—how Nacho
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Gumroad – How to paint backgrounds ebook & video
Gumroad – How to paint backgrounds ebook & video by Mitch Leeuwe n this ebook and video, I explain how I paint backgrounds. This ebook & videos are aimed at anyone who wants to start painting backgrounds. I show how I paint different objects, textures, backgrounds, and more. Basically sharing everything I know about digital painting backgrounds. The content: HD video (mp4) of 3,8 hour-long showing how I paint and talk about the theory
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Udemy – Create An Authentic Procreate Mixed Media Art Journal Page
Instructions for Painting and Using Specialty Markers with 20 Brushes Included What you'll learn Learn step-by-step methods for creating interesting and textural backgrounds . Get tips for creating an interesting composition. Learn a workflow for use of layers and other great features like blending modes. Learn methods for keeping the art fully editable for later adjustments and recoloring using layers. Requirements Procreate experience is an
Author Alex
Udemy – Complete Digital Portrait Drawing & Painting On Mobile
Unlock the world of digital painting with ease and explore the endless possibilities it has to offer What you'll learn Introduction to the ibis paint x application and its interface Setting up your ibis paint x workspace Using different tools How to use layers, brushes, color adjustment tools Creating texture to achieve professional-grade digital art Techniques for creating and draw digital portraits How to draw different facial features and add
Author Alex
Udemy – CLIP STUDIO PAINT: Drawing a warrior
Learning how to use Clip Studio Paint for drawing comicbook character What you'll learn To use Clip Studio Paint To create a drawing from scratch To color a comicbook illustration To use a graphic tablet Requirements To have Clip Studio Paint Description In this course, you will learn how to use Clip Studio Paint and how to draw a warrior face. You will learn in the first place the very basic options of the software, including different options
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Udemy – Create A Mixed Media Butterfly In Procreate Brushes Included
20 Brushes, Collage Elements and Mixed Media Assets Included What you’ll learn Learn about working with symmetry tools in Procreate. Learn step-by-step methods for working in digital mixed media and creating compositions. Learn about adding texture using the noise function. Learn methods for keeping the art fully editable for later adjustments and re-coloring. Requirements Procreate experience is an asset. Description Creating mixed media art
Author Alex
CreatureArtTeacher – Creature Design with Aaron Blaise
CreatureArtTeacher – Creature Design with Aaron Blaise Introducing a brand new Creature Design course from animator and wildlife artist Aaron Blaise. Watch as he teaches you his approach to Designing Believable Creatures. Aaron has a wonderful ability to give his fantastical designs a sense of realism by drawing upon his animal drawing expertise. In this creature design tutorial he will take you through his thought process as he designs numerous
Author Alex
21 Draw – Introduction to Digital Coloring
Would you LOVE to learn how to draw digitally, but feel intimidated by the thousands of brushes, tools, and settings in an endless sea of drawing software? Well, this course is for you! Believe it or not, the popular Instagram artist, Feefal, felt the same way when she started out with digital art, thinking it was way too difficult and overwhelming. In fact, she avoided it like the plague! However, once she got the hang of drawing in Procreate,
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