Udemy – CLIP STUDIO PAINT: Drawing a warrior

Author Alex
Udemy – CLIP STUDIO PAINT: Drawing a warrior

Learning how to use Clip Studio Paint for drawing comicbook character

What you'll learn
To use Clip Studio Paint
To create a drawing from scratch
To color a comicbook illustration
To use a graphic tablet

To have Clip Studio Paint

In this course, you will learn how to use Clip Studio Paint and how to draw a warrior face. You will learn in the first place the very basic options of the software, including different options at the top, on the left and on the right. I will show you how you can use very easily the software in addition to a graphic tablet. We will then start drawing a warrior with differents steps we are going to review the one after the others. Every step draw during this video can be reproduced by you if you follow the course with your own software. This is recommanded even if you have to press PAUSE to draw every step. You can take the time you need, you can also review again the same step and to draw it over and over again.The first step will be the sketching step. You can draw with yout own style the face of the warrior, but I will show you easy method to draw the face details.Then we will talk about the inking part of the drawing. You will see whzt brush you can use and how to use it. We are lucky to have such a software like Clip Studio Paint that offers very efficient brushes.The last step will be about coloring your drawing. Here again, I will show you how you can create efficient colors and how to mix the different options of the software to do so.

Who this course is for
People who want to draw in Clip Studio Paint

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