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VideoHive Collection (May 2022) 443 Templates for After Effects
VideoHive Collection (May 2022) 443 Templates for After Effects. Total size: 270GB Includes: VideoHive - 100 Animated Titles 36523868 VideoHive - 100 Cinematic LUTs Color Grading 35390122 VideoHive - 100 Colorful Lower Thirds After Effects 35584463 VideoHive - 160 Beach LUTs Color Grading 35493238 VideoHive - 24 - Bricks & Rocks Backgrounds 35567151 VideoHive - 2DF VHS Pack 36461819 VideoHive - 3D App Promo 36582291 VideoHive - 3D Book Promo
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VideoHive – Photo Effects Animator V.11 (Win/Mac)
VideoHive – Photo Effects Animator V.11 (Win/Mac) Use the script to add some trailing particles to the picture, shatter, dissipate, converge, mask, burn flame lines, visual effects AE CC 2019+
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CINEGRAIN – Indie Master Series – Artifacts
CINEGRAIN – Indie Master Series – Artifacts 75 Clips - 4K UHD - ProRes Dirt & Scratches - 12 Clips Flash Frames - 23 Clips Head & Tail Leader - 13 Clips Looks - 12 Clips Specialty Lens Flares - 10 Clips Splices - 11 Clips
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VideoHive – 1500+ Transitions for After Effects
VideoHive – 1500+ Transitions for After Effects – 37533954 Looking for transitions for every taste and design? You found it! Enhance your video with modern stylish animation presets that are suitable for any type of video! Each transition has a preview so you can quickly select and apply it. It only takes one click. Automatically adjusts to any resolution and aspect ratio - all transitions automatically resize to your composition when applied.
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After Effects Templates Bundle 1 January 2022
178 Projects | Preview in archive | 30.2 GB
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Bounce Color – Ascension – Cinematic Titles for After Effects
Bounce Color – Ascension – Cinematic Titles for After Effects We have been creating many visuals and text animations for over 15 years now. One thing that is super important, but can be very time consuming to learn is cinematic titles. We all want beautiful stylish titles but they can be so complex. So we decided to put our knowledge together and release some useful cinematic templates. Our style is subtle and cinematic. None of the crazy over
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DaVinci Resolve Templates Collection 1 December 2022
Projects | Titles | Logo | Transitions | Slideshow | LUTs
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Final Cut Pro Templates Collection 1 December 2022
Final Cut Pro Templates Collection 1 December 2022 Includes: Big Titles 1.0 FCPX Big Titles Bold Titles 1.0 Bold Titles 2.0 FCPX Call Outs Pack Cartoon Anime Liquid Effects Cartoon Christmas Decoration Effects Christmas And New Year Greetings for FCPX Christmas Branches And Lower Thirds for FCPX Christmas Branches And Vignettes And Titles Pack for FCPX Christmas Frames Christmas Greeting Scenes for FCPX Christmas Greetings Colorful Scenes
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After Effects Templates Bundle 1 December 2022
After Effects Templates Bundle 1 December 2022 70 Projects | Preview in archive | 11.9 GB Includes: Abstract 3D Christmas Logo Animated SEO & Marketing Icons App development - Big People Concepts Black Friday Instagram Stories Template Breaking News Lower Third - After Effect Christmas Alphabet - After Effects Christmas Card Christmas Decoration Animations - After Effects Christmas Event Invitation Slideshow - After Effects Christmas Frost
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Big Films – Dark Magic Pack
Big Films – Dark Magic Pack (4K) The DARK MAGIC Pack was exclusively made for filmmakers working on fantastic and fantasy films. With this pack, we give you access to a huge arsenal of dark magic effects that will allow you to build extraordinary worlds and epic action scenes! Simply drag & drop these effects into your shot, and start conjuring your own dark fantasy movies. Get a glimpse of what you'll find inside our Magic Pack. Dragons,
Video editing is one of the hardest kinds of editing there is. Seriously. Nevertheless, it is also one of the most rewarding types of editing there is. See the final product come to life in front of your very eyes, well, that's totally worth all the money and time spent on the project. At least that's what we are thinking. Your mileage may vary. There's only one objective truth here – you can download video editing software and plugins right here. For free! Yeah, free downloads for everyone! You don't even have to sign up. How freaking neat is that? We're just gonna go ahead and say it's pretty goddamn neat.
So, what types of goodies can you expect here? First and foremost, let's point out the obvious. We had decided to split this category into four – we have VFX software, VFX plug-ins, After Effects projects, and Footages. Let's go over all of them real quick. As far as VFX software goes, well, you're gonna find some real gems right here. You will be able to download FilmLight Daylight for Mac (hey, we don't discriminate, if you wanna use inferior OS, that's cool) – an all-powerful platform for shot management and transcoding. This one is neat, it's so compact and so powerful. You can download Nuke Studio 11.1v4 for editing and review. You can download DaVinci Resolve 15 (one of our personal favorite). You can download MAGIX Video Pro X. You can download Adobe After Effects CC 2018. Of course. The poster boy for video editing. You thought we didn't have a working build uploaded? Pfft.
As far as VFX plugins go, we have a ton of great stuff to offer. We have, for example, Rowbyte's Plexus Panel for Adobe After Effects. You can render particles, conjure up all sorts of powerful imagery using this powerful plugin. Not for total dummies, by the way. We have Red Giant Magic Bullet Suite, this one has a great name (has nothing to do with the JFK assassination), it can give your footage a very Hollywood-like look which is always awesome. You can download Boris FX Continuum Complete, as well. The last one is also a favorite of ours.
After Effects projects? Well, this one is all about showcasing your video editing skills. We have all sorts of Videohive content, including GFXP Pack 10, GFXP Pack 08, GFXP Pack 06, and all the other GFXP Packs not mentioned by name. The last category we would like to bring up is Footages. Footages are great. Seriously. These are the best video editing tools out there. You get 4k, 6k, 8k footage from the mega-packs such as 5000+ Pack CINEPUNCH Video Creator Mega Suite V8.0. If you have some personal preferences or looking for something specific, you can find packs with over 50+ explosion effects (a Michael Bay special), ink footage, cool-ass distortion/glitch/corruption effects to give your vids a badass disrupted signal look.
All of that and so much more is just a few clicks away. You can download everything that you see here for free. That's the best kind of deal we can possibly think of.
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