Udemy – Digital Portrait Drawing for Beginners and Advanced Students

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Udemy – Digital Portrait Drawing for Beginners and Advanced Students

Learn digital drawing step by step – Portraits & Photoshop tricks

What you'll learn
digital drawing & painting
digital portrait drawing in Photoshop
realistic drawing
foundational drawing techniques
form & anatomy of the facial features eye, nose, ear, mouth, hair and skin
drawing portraits from every perspective
drawing portraits from imagination
drawing portraits with a template
form & anatomy of the human head (muscles, bones, ...)
male & female head proportions
portrait construction & advanced Loomis method
drawing different age groups (seniors, babies, adults, children, teenager)
drawing different ethnicities
be able to draw every person from this earth
drawing authentic emotions
different digital & mixed media portrait styles (realistic, cartoony, comic, etc.)
multiple exercises & additional material for advanced students
drawing the foundational geometric shapes (box, cylinder & sphere)
several beautiful portrait projects
material: pencil, eraser & paper, graphics tablet (recommended), digital drawing program (Photoshop, Procreate, Gimp, etc.)
basic knowledge of Photoshop or a similar program is required (like where is the brush / understanding the interface – so very basic ;))
Learn to draw human faces without previous drawing knowledge to create beautiful works of art for hobby and profession and to put your own ideas on paper.

Master the drawing of portraits in different styles
This is what you will learn and achieve
learn or improve basic drawing techniques (shapes, perspective basics, light, shadow, color, anatomy, proportions, composition...)
draw portraits using a template
draw portraits completely from imagination
draw individual facial features (eyes, nose, mouth, ears, hair, skin)
draw realistic portraits
draw stylized portraits
draw self-portraits
draw male and female proportions
understand the anatomy of the head and use it for drawing
draw authentic emotions
learn various digital and mixed media drawing techniques
learn several Photoshop & brush tricks
find inspiration for your own portrait style
learn best practices: numerous exercises to apply your knowledge and improve your drawing skills even after you have finished the course
… and much more!
Take your drawing skills to the next level

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