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Author Alex
Introduction to Photoshop for Illustrators
Illustrator Gemma Gould has been using Photoshop for over a decade to create playful digital artwork that seems to jump off the page. In this Basics, she teaches how to use the software from scratch, taking you from the essential tools and interface to the mockup of a final printed product.
Author Alex
Blender 3D: Easy Guitar Scene
Welcome to my brand new blender tutorial in which we will learn how to create this Amazing Guitar scene. Now this tutorial is extremely easy and is made for blender beginners who have very little experience. However, it is recommended that you are familiar with the UI and basic tools of Blender 3D.
Author Alex
Manga & Anime Drawings: How to Create Characters on Your Phone
Did you even know you can draw on your phone? A lot of people are surprised when they hear this, but I want you to know that you can draw amazing drawings on your phone. Let's share how easy and fun drawing is, and the joyful feelings you can feel with all the powers of digital creation in the palm of your hand.
Author Alex
XYZ School - Concept art with Dmitry Klyushkin (RUS)
Tired of repeating after others? Free your mind from stereotypes and learn how to create original characters for games and movies.
Author Alex
Your First 3D Sculpt | Blender 3. 0
Sculpting in 3D is a whole lot of fun, this course will take you through the entire process of digitally sculpting a human head. This course is for beginners and more advanced Blender users alike, that want to learn digital sculpting. If you already know how to use Blender, you can skip to the video where we start sculpting the head, otherwise, you can watch the first few videos that will cover the basics.
Author Alex
Painting Materials Course – Foundation Lessons (1-8)
Improve your understanding and skill to render great materials in your art! Taught by MTG and D&D illustrator Clint Cearley, the Materials Course gives you the breakdown of the factors that make materials look authentic. A common problem in material rendering is everything sharing a similar plastic-like appearance which is a major point this course examples and addresses.
Author Alex
Patreon TERM 19 - Hygge Girl
Gumroad - Xavier Houssin - Patreon TERM 19 - Hygge Girl
Author Alex
The Rhythm of a Scene - Editing for Animation
The role of an animatic editor is to bring together the elements of screenwriting and storyboarding to establish tone and rhythm. In this class, we'll walk through the way sound, music and picture editing bring an animated story to life.
Author Alex
Energetic Character Design
As a character designer, story board artist, and director, I'll be teaching the fundamentals of drawing characters for animation. Whether you want to be a character designer, or storyboard artist, I will show you how I break the figure down in an easy to understand approach. Part of my design process is posing and moving the character around to test how well it will animate. This is the difference between just a static design and an animatable
Author Alex
How to storyboard an animated scene
This 6-week intensive course, focuses on the fundamentals of storyboarding a clear engaging animated scene. You will learn how to re-break your script for storyboarding, research references, thumbnail your script, shot designing, and finally storyboarding it from a character driven point-of-view with The Umbrella Method. By the end of the course, students will develop a better understanding on how to storyboard an animated scene.
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