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Author Alex
Blender 3.0 Modelling Course for Beginners
Have you wanted to learn Blender and not know where to start? Then I welcome you to Nexttut’s Blender 3.0 Modelling Course for Beginners.
Author Alex
Autodesk Navisworks Manage - 2022 (Most Detailed and exhaustive course)
Skillshare - Autodesk Navisworks Manage - 2022 (Most Detailed and exhaustive course)
Author Alex
Character Design For Animation (RUS)
An 8-week course designing characters with an industry-experienced character designer; develop a strong understanding of the elements that make strong, compelling characters.
Author Alex
Project City – Kinetic Character Design Taught by Coran Stone
Learn the basics and complexities of character design, from a simple turn to complex posing. Coran will share his unique technique that combines many drawing steps into one, making the design process twice as fast.
Author Alex
How to Make Video Games: The Smarter, Faster Way
In this course, we'll teach you the exact process needed to create as many video games as you want. All with NO EXPERIENCE or coding knowledge required.
Author Alex
Become a video game developer with Gamemaker Studio 2.3
Udemy – Become a video game developer with Gamemaker Studio 2.3. The all you need to know course for beginners.
Author Alex
Master Class In Marvelous Designer (Dresses)
To my course, Masterclass in Marvelous Designer ( Dresses ). In this course, you'll learn the to create different types of dresses like Maxi, Polka, Unironed box pleat, Riding Hood, Elegant Gored etc.
Author Alex
Project City/RadHowTo - Peter Chan - Seeing Colors
Hi My name is Peter Chan, I am a visual development artist working in feature animation for the last 10 years. I have worked on films such as Spider-man: into the Spider-verse, How to train your dragon 2, Hotel Transylvania and the up coming Mitchell vs the machines.
Author Alex
Character Sculpt Rem by YanSculpts
Sculpted Rem from Re:Zero, Starting Life in Another Word, while talking about how to stop being a lazy artist.
Author Alex
Character Sculpt Zero Two by YanSculpts
Sculpted Zero Two from Darling in the Franxx! I posted a video talking about what makes drawing difficult for sculptors at first, while showing a time-lapse of sculpting Zero Two
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