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Xavier Houssin - Patreon TERM 18 - Android Maid
Gumroad - Xavier Houssin - Patreon TERM 18 - Android Maid
Author Alex
Quick and accurate masking in Adobe Lightroom CC
The most recent edition of Adobe Lightroom CC has seen some extensive updates to the way we apply our edits. In this class, I will teach you all about the new and improved masking tools in Lightroom CC.
Author Alex
Learning Adobe Photoshop 2022: The complete picture
In this course you’ll get straight to work in Photoshop, using images created by the author himself, who is an active photographer and designer. The emphasis is on working through common tasks that photographers go through every day, in the most fun and efficient way possible. So I will not just show you how to use Photoshop’s many tools, but also which tools are best to use in which situations. It’s not enough to know what each tool does;
Author Alex
Unity Ability System
In this course, we will implement an ability system in Unity.
Author Alex
Blender: Sculpt a male torso for beginners
This course is about learning how to use blender sculpting tools while doing a hands-on project of making a male torso sculpt.
Author Alex
Ghost Animation
If you're new to Houdini, I'll take you step by step, and if you already know Houdini, then you know how powerful and easy Houdini easy.
Author Alex
Data for Architectural Design
Are you looking for new skills to better prepare yourself for a career that uses building information modeling (BIM)? Find out how to bring the methods and insights of data analysis into the early phases of a design project. In this course, instructor Brian Myers shows you how to enter, analyze, and optimize architectural design data.
Author Alex
Archicad: Revit Workflow
When it comes to managing architectural design projects, Archicad needs no introduction. But did you know that you can transfer your design models from Graphisoft Archicad into Autodesk Revit? It’s a total gamechanger for AEC professionals—check out this course to learn more about why.
Author Alex
SketchUp for Web from Basic to Advanced
In this online course, you will learn SketchUp Free or also known as SketchUp for Web. You will start from the very basic and then move up gradually to the advanced level. The curriculum is carefully crafted so you will learn SketchUp in the most effective and efficient way. In less than 7 hours, in sha Allah, you will be able to master all the available tools and use them to create a 3D house design from start to finish.
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