Author Alex
Schoolism – Felines with Terryl Whitlatch
From the saber-toothed cat to the common house cat, felines have roamed the earth for millions of years and I created this course for us to explore all of the fascinating characteristics of these creatures from an anatomical perspective. The best way to understand anatomy is to simply dive in and draw it out, so in each lesson, I'll be guiding you through the exercise as you draw along with me to complete either the surface, skeleton, or
Author Alex
Schoolism – Visual Development for Television with Chrystin Garland
Behind every great animated TV show are the visual development artists that create and design the world in which the story takes place. In “Visual Development for Television”, you will learn about the process of building a world that visually communicates a story from scratch with Chrystin Garland, visual development artist for Netflix, DreamWorks, Titmouse, and more.
Author Alex
Schoolism – Book Illustration with Marie-Alice Harel
Learn how to bring stories to life through illustrations with award-winning illustrator and author, Marie-Alice Harel! Illustrations have been used as a visual companion of text for centuries, and in this course, Marie-Alice will share her vast knowledge of narrative illustration to help you develop a strong base for creating artwork that perfectly compliments the story you want to tell.
Author Alex
Schoolism – Faery Workout with Iris Compiet
Faultlines, Iris has established an entire philosophy about building a coherent world of all things faery. In this series, Iris shares her thought process as she paints the various denizens of the Faultlines, such as:
Author Alex
Schoolism – Foolproof Concept Painting with Airi Pan
This course was developed by concept designer and illustrator, Airi Pan, to share with you her many concept art painting methods, since they are so varied and widespread. Over 9 lessons, Airi will teach you numerous methods of painting while simultaneously giving some insight as to how concept art functions within the entertainment industry as a whole, and provide you with a brand new outlook on concept art.
Author Alex
Schoolism – Starting Your Journey with Cody Gramstad
Starting your journey is like a high-intensity boot camp for aspiring artists, but it doesn't have to be as daunting as it sounds. If you've struggled with your artistic journey, have difficulty improving your art, or just aren't sure where to begin, this is the course for you!
Author Alex
Schoolism – Watercolor Workout with Gonzalo Carcamo
For this Artist Workout, don't forget to bring extra water! Get ready to explore the charming lightness of watercolor with the watercolor master himself, Gonzalo Carcamo!
Author Alex
Schoolism – Expressive Characters Workout with Wouter Tulp
Get ready to elevate your character designs as you workout with your coach, Wouter Tulp! Over 63 exercises, Wouter will show you how to apply just a few basic principles to your work to improve the expressiveness of your character designs.
Author Alex
Schoolism – Digital Landscape Painting Workout with Nathan Fowkes
Strengthen your artistic muscles with Nathan Fowkes, concept artist for DreamWorks, Disney, Blue Sky Studios, and many others!
Author Alex
Schoolism – Keyframe Workout with Pablo Carpio
Build up your Photoshop skills and create dynamic illustrations with Pablo Carpio, concept artist for Pixar, Industrial Light & Magic, Marvel Studios, and many others! In this workout, Pablo will be your coach throughout 30 days of exercises that will help you improve your skills composing images in Photoshop.
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