Udemy – Autocad 2D: A Beginner'S Guide For Start

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Udemy – Autocad 2D: A Beginner'S Guide For Start

Start with CAD 2D

What you'll learn
What is CAD
What is the work of draftman CAD
How to use 2D command in AutoCAD
Work with layers

High school diploma

This course has been structured to give 2D CAD automatic drawing skills.Learning the use of software in CAD design is not difficult, The most common areas are mechanical design, industrial design, architectural design and more. To follow a production process according to industry standards it is important to use a computer aided design (CAD) software.The 2D CAD Designer is a professional who uses drawing techniques and design software to create diagrams, diagrams, maps and drawings of buildings, machinery, industrial plants and other objects. These designs are often used for construction, maintenance, repair and production of various types of goods. The 2D CAD Designer often works in teams with engineers, architects and other professionals to develop precise and detailed projects according to certain project specifications.CAD, in computer science, is an English acronym used to indicate two related but different concepts:Computer-aided drafting (lit. "computer-aided technical drawing"): in this sense means the computer science sector aimed at the use of software technologies and specifically computer graphics to support the technical drawing activity (drafting). Computer-aided drafting systems aim to create a model, typically 2D, of the technical drawing that describes the artifact, not of the artifact itself. For example, a computer-aided drafting system can be used by a designer in the creation of a series of technical drawings (in orthogonal projection, in section, in axonometry, in explosion) aimed at the construction of an engine;Computer-aided design (lit. "computer-assisted design"): in this sense, the most common, indicates the computer science sector aimed at the use of software technologies and in particular computer graphics to support the design activity (design) both virtual and real artifacts. Computer-aided design systems aim to create models, especially 3D, of the artifact. For example, a computer-aided design system can be employed by a mechanical designer in creating a 3D model of an engine. If a 3D model is made, it can be used for calculations such as static, dynamic and structural analysis and in this case it is called computer-aided engineering (CAE)CAD constitutes a subset of actions and tools aimed at the purely geometric realization of the model.Areas of use of CAD:Architecture, urban planning, civil engineering: construction design.Furniture: interior design.Electrical and mechanical engineering: design of electrical or mechanical appliances.Industrial design: design of consumer items, such as furniture or household tools, recently also clothing.Plant engineering: design of wiring pipes and air conditioning systems.Electronics: design of electronic circuits, at the level of wiring diagram, integrated circuit, printed circuit, or entire system.

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