Udemy – Screenwriting For Filmmakers

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Udemy – Screenwriting For Filmmakers

Write scripts that are made into movies.

What you'll learn
How to write a screenplay that audiences will love when it becomes a movie.
How to overcome writer's block and keep moving forward.
How to have fun writing a screenplay that tells your story.
How and when to pace your screenplay action to keep your audience engaged.
Explanation of all the major film genres and what is required to satisfy audience expectations.
Detailed analysis of the main characters in the film to make your screenplay soar.
Step-by-step method for writing your screenplay from beginning to conclusion.

No screenwriting software needed to take this course and write an amazing script. You will need a word processing program, such as OpenOffice or Word. I actually discourage using any of the screenwriting software.

We are going to write THE script for the movie. The real script. The script that will become the movie, that everyone on the cast and crew will use to film the movie. We're not writing a speculative script.Speculative scripts are what I call wannabes. People write speculative scripts because they wannabe screenwriters. They want someone to recognize them and hire them to write other movies. They use a lot of colorful language to describe the scenery and they create an easy to read fantasy movie. But they have to be rewritten in order to actually be made into movies. We're skipping the wannabe movie and going straight to the real thing.This course was requested by many students on Udemy who enrolled in the Udemy course Filmmaking: Write, Direct and Distribute Your Feature Film.My forty years of experience writing and producing films taught me how to write movies people love. In this course I'm sharing what I've learned with you. I approach screenwriting with a lot of joy and excitement for adventure. This is a fun course. I walk you through the entire screenwriting process, from development to finished production script. This course also provides many tools to overcome writer's block. At the end of the course, if you do all the exercises, you will have a finished screenplay that you and your team will turn into a feature film.

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