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Armada Concept Art
Sessions are a new, bite-sized series of live workshops presented by Learn Squared, in partnership with some of the leading artists of the entertainment industry. With renowned creatives spanning every corner of the industry from concept illustrators, modelers, VFX artists, and beyond, Learn Squared Sessions are the fastest, most accessible way to learn from the artists behind your favorite content.
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Advanced Matte Painting
Industry legend Maxx Burman commands over a decade's worth of experience, having delivered iconic matte paintings for TV, film, and video games on projects such as Iron Man 3, Game of Thrones, Westworld, and DOZENS more. His journey has also seen him wear many hats including art director, game developer, educator, and co-founder of the now industry-standard Kitbash 3D. In this brand new course from Learn Squared, Maxx will teach you all of his
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Stylized Environments in Unreal
Create stylized environments in Unreal Engine like a AAA game developer. Industry-leading games artist Tyler Smith will teach you a multitude of clever techniques to employ during the planning, building, integration, and optimization stages of building your beautiful realtime worlds in Unreal Engine.
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Vehicle Concept Art
Buckle your seatbelts, secure your belongings, and prepare for takeoff. Elevate your concept art workflows in this brand new course from Pablo Dominguez by learning to generate simple assets in 3D, arranging them to create dynamic compositions, and using them as a base to create beautiful, detailed concept art for your project or portfolio.
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Visual Storytelling with Romain Jouandeau
Learn modern concept art techniques from one of the industry's leading artists. AAA video game concept artist Romain Jouandeau will teach you everything you need to know to create a series of dynamic concept art keyframes using Blender and Photoshop in his unique style.
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Designing Better Characters
Learn professional workflows to design characters for films, games, TV shows, and more from renowned concept designer and illustrator Wouter Gort. Covering everything from the fundamentals of character design, prop development, keyframe illustration, and more, this course covers everything you'll need to know to level up your character workflow.
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Organic Sculpting
The sculptures of 2D and 3D Concept Artist Arsen Asyrankulov must be seen to be believed. In this brand new upcoming Organic Sculpting course, Arsen not only shares his method for producing poetic forms but also his comprehensive workflow so you can realize your own imaginations.
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Paint Like The Masters with Greg Rutkowski
Get ready to paint your very own masterpiece. By studying the timeless works of the Old Masters, you will learn under the guidance of modern master Greg Rutkowski to create beautiful, classical-style paintings of your very own. Sketch, color, light, and create details that even Michelangelo would be proud of. DaVinci didn't have an Undo button at his disposal, so just imagine what you can do with that kind of advantage.
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Creature Design with Milan Nikolic
Design stunning creatures for films and video games under the guidance of professional artist Milan Nikolic. You'll start by studying the anatomy of bipeds and multipeds, learn the ins and outs of sculpting in ZBrush and 3D Coat, and finally how to pose, texture, and present your creatures with polish and professionalism.
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Learn Squared – Unreal Environments from Unreal expert Joe Garth (with Audio)
Create beautiful, lifelike worlds in Unreal Engine 4 under the guidance of Joe Garth, one of the industry’s top realtime artists. Having worked on projects such as Quixel’s Rebirth and Crysis, Joe will teach you everything you need to know to get started with environments in Unreal.
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