Udemy – Character Crafting With Blender For Absolute Newbies

Author Alex
Udemy – Character Crafting With Blender For Absolute Newbies

A 3D adventure trough character creation in Blender

What you'll learn
Blender for making 3D characters
Sculpting in Blender
Modelling in Blender
Lights and rendering with Blender

No previous experience of any software required. Only a free Blender installation.

The first couple of lections are free to preview so feel free to do so :). You can even learn basics of Blender just with the preview lections :).And the fun starts:Newbie Niko: I am so frustrated! I dream about learning Blender and make 3D characters with it, but i don't know where to start. It is so hard! Pro Niko: Relax my man! I am here to help you!Newbie Niko: Waaaaa! What are you doing in my home! ..... doesnt matter! Guys, this is Niko, and he is a professional 3D character artist and educator. He has numerous courses about Blender, Zbrush and human anatomy. He also has 2 youtube channels: Speedchar and Speedchar Live, with tens of thousands of subscribers! I am so excited!Pro Niko: Thank you for that, Newbie Niko. This course is just for you. We will start Blender from scratch and go trough all tools and actions needed to create this almost cute rabbit character. Modelling, sculpting, basic materials, lighting and render will be covered. So strap on!We will begin by getting familiar with Blender interface and learning how to model and sculpt in the program and make a basic human head for warm up. Then we will start making the rabbit by working on the head, adding eyebrows, eyes and hair. We will then go and learn how to make the body and the limbs. After, i will point your attention to the hand, which is pretty tricky, but we will get trough it together :). Making the clothes will be the next task on our list and with my help you will do them just fine. We will even make a character prop - a big chef knife, for cutting some huge carrots, i guess. Then we will start detailing, smoothing and coloring the model. When we finish with that, we will make a basic character rig to move and pose the arms and hands, so we can achieve the pose on the concept. Then will be time for some tweaking and fixing, before we start doing the materials and light setup. We will also learn about renders, lights, camera position and even render with transparent background and compose in Photoshop. At the end as a bonus i will even show you how to make a turntable video of your character.The course is for Absolute beginners in Blender and character art, but if you are intermediate user and like to make this character with me, you are welcome to do so. Now i will leave you, because it is time to start the course, see ya there! :)

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