Udemy – Creating Santa Claus Character in Adobe Illustrator

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Udemy – Creating Santa Claus Character in Adobe Illustrator

Learn How To Create Character Illustration in Adobe Illustrator From Scratch and Became Beginner To Pro Level Artist

What you'll learn
Learn How to Draw Character Illustrations From Scratch
Learn How to Pick Colours
Learn How to Smooth Sharp Shapes
Learn How to Draw Vector shapes
Learn How to Use Various Tools

PC or Laptop
Adobe Illustartor

Learn how to draw Character Illustration  this course will take you from a beginner to an advance in Creating Vector art and Character IllustrationThis Character Illustration  course is aimed toward anyone, even the complete beginner, with an interest in drawing Character Illustrations . This course will teach you how to draw and shade Illustrations using Adobe illustrator.This is a step-by-step tutorial where I take you through the entire process of drawing and shading Illustration One of the challenges faced Creating Illustration  is Drawing the Shapes and adjusting the shapes . In this course, I show you how to pick the base color, the shadows, and the Stroke Colors . You will also learn how to edit shadows and highlights to make them blend with the base color. This course consists Total 24 Videos With Step by Step Tutorials Why  this course?With my experience in Artistic Field, I know the challenges beginner students face while creating Character Illustrations , and this course covers all you need to know about creating Illustration from start to finish I go step by step from drawing the line work to picking the base color, the shadows, and Strokes  At the end of this course, you will be able to draw and shade Character Illustrations With Your Own After Finishing This Course You Will Became Pro Level Artist in Creating A  Character Artist In Illustrator

Who this course is for
Graphic Designers
Concept artists
Character Illustraters
Comic Artists
How Want to Boost Thier Skills From Beginner to Advanced Level in Illustrator

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