Udemy – Learn Making Vector Arts in Adobe Illustrator CC

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Udemy – Learn Making Vector Arts in Adobe Illustrator CC

Start as a Beginner and Master the Art of Making Vector Arts in Adobe Illustrator and also Animating them

What you'll learn
Vector Arts
Adobe Illustrator Basics
Zooming in Illustrator
Tool Gallery
Pen Tool
Pencil Tool
Using Color and Shades to Create Depth
Animation Basics
Importing and Exporting in Illustrator and After Effects
Using Saber and other Built-in Functions of AE

Adobe Illustrator installed on PC

This is a Detailed Class which will target Beginner users of Adobe Illustrator who are interested in learning How Vectors are made. Vector Arts is a Broad Genre which can range from Flat to Semi-Realistic to Realistic. By the end of this Session, You will be able to at least make a good looking Semi-Realistic Vector. This session will provide you the knowledge for all the Basics.In this Learning Session, You will be learning about Vector Arts. We will be making Vector in Adobe Illustrator CC.The topics that You will learn in this class are;Interface of Adobe IllustratorToolsPanelBasics of WorkspacePlacing Reference ImageHow Vector is MadeUse of Tablet and MousePencil Tool, Pen Tool, Brush ToolOutlining using BrushUsing Pencil for HairBase ColorsClipping MasksGetting Shades for Darks and HighlightsExporting and FramingGradientsThis is going to be a detailed Class , So, Let's get Started!As an Instructor, It is great to have good terms with Students. So I am also providing you another course of mine which is related to Animating Sci-Fi Vectors and the lectures for that are included in the last section of this Course.____ Gift  SECTION _____In this Part, You will be learning How to Animate Sci-Fi Vector Art using Adobe After Effects CC.By the end of this class, You will be able to;PreComposeAuto TraceUse SaberMaskingAnimating using KeyframesUsing ExpressionsImporting and ExportingBefore Starting , It is suggested to have basic knowledge of interface and functions of Adobe After Effects.Happy Learning!

Who this course is for
Digital Artists
Vector Artist
Vector Art Lovers
Adobe Illustrator Beginners
Vector Portait Lovers
Semi-Realisitc Vector Fans

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