Domestika – 3D Mock-up Creation with Cinema 4D

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Domestika – 3D Mock-up Creation with Cinema 4D

Learn to create mock-ups from scratch and present impressive design projects with Cinema 4D, Octane, and Photoshop

If you work in graphic design, or any creative field, you must have wondered how best to present your projects for maximum impact, ease, and without relying on stock images. Designer and director Lucas Luz, better known as Luzcas, who has worked for studios such as Work & Co and &Walsh on projects for global brands, shows how 3D tools can facilitate this process by providing autonomy and improving the quality of your projects.

In this course, learn to create a series of mock-ups from scratch taking into account texture, lighting, and composition techniques to present realistic product proposals. Luzcas teaches the basic tools and characteristics of Cinema 4D, the features of the render engine, and how to edit and finalize your designs in Adobe Photoshop.

Start off the course hearing about Luzcas' career so far and the different paths he took before finding his true calling: art direction and 3D. He also shares the designers and artists that inspire him the most on a daily basis.

Discover everything you need to start creating your own 3D scenes and familiarize yourself with the Cinema 4D interface and basic tools with some practice modeling. Luzcas gives an introduction to Octane explaining what it is and the importance of the render engine.

Now it's time to get to work on your mock-ups! Explore how to build three scenes using modeling, texturizing, lighting, and rendering techniques before beginning to model objects from Adobe Illustrator files, and then move on to work from more primitive formats.

Luzcas shows you different lighting schematics in Octane and provides a 3D model library to help speed up your creative process. To finish off your mock-ups, see how to prepare your files for rendering by choosing the best format and quality.

Finally, apply your designs to your mock-ups using smart layers in Photoshop and see how your creations can be easily edited, reused, or shared with friends.

Now you have all the tools to create your own mock-ups and take your projects and presentations to a whole new level!

What is this course's project?
Create three mock-ups for a design project proposal.

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