Domestika – 3D Self-Portrait Creation for Social Media in Cinema 4D

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Domestika – 3D Self-Portrait Creation for Social Media in Cinema 4D

Domestika – 3D Self-Portrait Creation for Social Media in Cinema 4D.

Discover the world of character design by creating an expressive portrait filled with detail and texture using 3D modeling techniques

Character design takes on a whole new meaning when 3D modeling techniques are involved—especially when it’s a playful self-portrait. Using the digital tools of Cinema 4D, Jacob Eisinger, creates charming characters filled with rich detail and expression. Also known under his online alias YIPPIEHEY, he has worked with brands like Apple, Samsung, Adobe, Wired, and The Washington Post.

In this course, Jacob gives you a complete walk through of character design and 3D modeling by creating a custom avatar of yourself. He takes you step by step through the process, from the initial sketch to modeling and rendering the final design in Cinema 4D.

Begin by getting to know Jacob. He shares his creative journey into the world of 3D illustration, as well as some of his projects. Hear about the artists who motivated him throughout his journey and how they have shaped his work.

Get inspired by creating a mood board filled with references that resonate with your desired look. Next, sketch out the initial design of your character as Jacob shares with you some helpful drawing techniques. Then add personality to your sketch by working on some variations and creating an additional perspective.

Time to go digital! Once you’ve digitized your sketch, discover how to create a basic scene and incorporate a light setup in Cinema 4D. Learn how to model the body of your character using the boxmodeling technique. Move on to modeling the head and face by adding facial features and hair.

Continue your character creation journey by adding the finer details like eyebrows and lashes, or even a beard! Give your character a sense of style by modeling their clothing and accessories. Learn how to add texture and color to your character as the final touches.

Jacob then shows you how to render your character using Redshift, as well as how to color correct it in Photoshop. Now that your character is ready to be shared on social media, Jacob walks you through some bonus lessons to teach you alternate ways to customize your character design using Marvelous Designer.

What is this course's project?
Create a character design from scratch using 3D modeling techniques in Cinema 4D.

Jacob creates a character design based on his own image, but you’re free to create anyone of your choosing!

Who is this online course for?
This course is ideal for artists, designers, and curious minds interested in creating 3D characters for social media using modeling techniques.

Requirements and materials
Previous experience with Cinema 4D is helpful, but not necessary.

To take this course, you need a pencil and paper for your sketch, and access to Cinema 4D and Photoshop. Jacob uses Redshift for rendering, but that is optional.

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