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Domestika – Concept Art for Video Games
Domestika – Concept Art for Video Games with Nacho Yagüe MP4 | Multi Subs: Eng, Spa, Ger, Ita, Pt, Fr Learn to create scenes with a professional finish for AAA video games Nacho Yagüe is an art director and concept artist who has worked with Ubisoft to create video games such as Assassins Creed Unity, Watch Dogs 2, and Splinter Cell: Blacklist. Explore the workflow of a professional concept artist and learn—through his drawings—how Nacho
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Domestika – Digital Portraits: Draw Female Characters in Natural Light
Learn to illustrate striking digital portraits with a focus on lighting effects, textures, and natural details Raide is an illustrator known for her portraits featuring strong female characters, where she celebrates the beauty of both women and nature by combining the two. When she's not sharing her work on her Instagram account, RaidesArt, which has earned her more than 360K followers, she devotes her time to drawing characters and storyboards
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Domestika – Pixel Art Character Animation for Video Games
Bring your characters to life frame by frame in Pyxel Edit The pixel aesthetic is back with a bang thanks to artists like Daniel Benítez, a video game developer and the cofounder of Fourattic, who keeps it very much alive in his animated creations. In this online course, he teaches you the techniques and processes behind animating a video game character and its surroundings in pixel art using the Pyxel Edit tool. If you've already taken Daniel's
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Domestika – Digital Painting of Characters in Photoshop
Learn digital painting techniques to create detailed character portraits by exploring brushes, colors, values, and designs Digital painting in Photoshop opens endless opportunities when it comes to character design and illustration. For digital illustrator Fernanda Suarez, it’s allowed her to create striking protagonists for board games like Dead of Winter or Ashes, as well as other clients like Bloomsbury Publishing and Simon & Schuster
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Domestika – Color Theory in Photography
Domestika – Color Theory in Photography By Yaopey Yong Discover the magic of color composition in photography by learning harmony rules and color psychology to create images that evoke emotion “When someone looks at a photograph an emotional response is triggered, and this allows for a very human experience.” Color has the ability to transform the way we perceive an image—it is the unifying element when crafting the composition of a photograph.
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Domestika – Playful Animated Character Design with Cinema 4D
Learn how to model, build, and animate engaging characters using the tools of Cinema 4D and After Effects “I love the concepts of play and toys, and I think a lot about how to combine figurative imagery with playful characters that feel slightly abstract.” His unique style is what has led digital painter, 3D artist, and animator Alex Kiesling to work with clients including Apple, Google, MTV, Adobe, and The New York Times. He also shares his
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Domestika – Speed Painting in Photoshop – Accelerate Your Creative Process
Learn how to sketch your ideas and work efficiently to create a digital illustration from start to finish Having the power to realize your vision quickly and efficiently is priceless; it means ideas and inspiration don’t get lost along the way. Artist and animator Gabriel Gomez using his speed painting technique in Photoshop to pay homage to the natural world, and tell stories through images. He has worked for clients including Netflix and
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Domestika – Urban Illustration with Procreate
Domestika – Urban Illustration with Procreate (French Audio) Learn to observe a city and turn your sketches into narrative drawings by discovering all the secrets of a professional illustrator Inspiration is all around us. Paris and its crowded boulevards, the hidden corner of a street, a quiet park in the middle of the's just a matter of looking. Illustrator Vincent Mahé is passionate about cities, their stories, and their
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Domestika – Concept Art for Animation: Designing Magical Environments
Turn your creative ideas into captivating concepts by bringing fantasy images to life in Photoshop Through digital concept art, you can design believable worlds for movies and TV, which help tell stories about a character’s journey. When visual development artist Tory Polska realized that the magic we see on screens was made by people, she knew she wanted to be a part of it. She has worked with clients like Netflix and DreamWorks, and is
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Domestika – Advanced Photomontage in Photoshop: Create Imaginary Worlds
Learn how to create a digital collage by designing an atmospheric scene using advanced editing techniques with great accuracy and attention to detail Imagine being able to recreate the universes we get a glimpse of in our dreams. Thanks to software like Photoshop and editing techniques like photomontage, designing these imagined worlds is made possible. Digital artist Nick Pedersen is here to teach you how to create a digital collage by
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