Author Alex
Unreal Engine Asset – Modular Swamp Shack Pack
A collection of highly detailed modular wooden structures, props and foliage for your project. Includes a number of top quality meshes with highly customizable materials and textures ranging from 2k to 4k. Also includes a preview map with dynamic elements like flowing river, spinning waterwheel and windmill. Wood material includes function to freely vertex paint moss on wooden surfaces via „Paint” mode to give environments that extra touch of
Author Alex
Unreal Engine Asset – Victorian Street
This project includes over 100 textured modular meshes, which are all accessible through included custom Blueprints that make it easy to build your own environment.
Author Alex
Unreal Engine Asset – Ruins
A forgotten fantasy city, turned into deserted ruins. Contains easy to use building meshes, rubble, photo scanned rocks and logs, vegetation. Everything you need to start your fantasy landscape.
Author Alex
Unreal Engine Asset – Top-Down City
This pack is the third in a "Top - Down" series . Assets are also prepared to work with different camera views (first or third person). Assets can be used on mobile devices too.
Author Alex
Unreal Engine Asset – Science Laboratory v4.25
All you need to create a scientific laboratory level. Includes 440+ assets.
Author Alex
Unreal Engine Asset – Spring Landscape v4.19-4.25
Vast Game-Ready Landscape. Taking you right into the middle of a green land surrounded by mountains with snowy tops where you can walk on the lower parts or go high into the mountains! The environment is semi dynamic. Meaning, you have moving cloud shadows from the sky! There's also a static mesh landscape included for you to put around the original landscape and make it feel bigger by having a longer view distance.
Author Alex
Unreal Engine Asset – Redwood Forest Biome
All assets you need to build a photorealistic giant sequoia forest.
Author Alex
Kitbash3D – Mini Kit: Neo City (UE4 Project)
Download this free mini kit featuring select pieces from some of our most popular full world kits: Neo Tokyo, Cyber Streets and Neo Shanghai! You can create cyberpunk megacities, sci-fi dystopias or overpopulated metropolises in an all-too-nigh futuristic blur of neon, crime and unknowable overlords, or do the unexpected with the genre and create a bright and sunny cyber scene. The choice is yours! This kit is free for a limited time only, so
Author Alex
Unreal Engine Asset – POLYGON – City Pack v4.25
Synty Studios Presents - POLYGON - City Pack. An urban city themed asset pack.
Author Alex
Unreal Engine Asset – Spaceships, props and modular environment tiles (sci-fi, low poly, voxel) v4.25
This set of low poly (voxel) models includes modular environment tiles (floors and walls), various spaceships and props
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