Author Alex
Unreal Engine Asset – Arctic Greenland Landscape v4.24-4.25
Highly detailed 400 square kilometer photorealistic arctic greenland landscape. Full biome with all asset you need to extent or build your own world.
Author Alex
Unreal Engine Asset – Modular CyberPunk City Asset Pack v4.24
Modular Environment set designed to quickly create CyberPunk, Sci-Fi, Industrial and urban environments. This asset pack was created by an experienced industry professional. It was designed to give you the most bang for your buck. Create levels fast, with these versatile modular meshes and master materials. Works well with other free assets from the Epic Marketplace. Specs typical of a AAA title game. Optimized and game ready. Hope you enjoy!
Author Alex
Unreal Engine Asset – Stylized Forest Cave
This package contains simple landscape and a few props.
Author Alex
Unreal Engine Asset – Cyberpunk MEGApack Environment Bundle v4.24-4.25
Cyberpunk Environment Bundle contains three cyberpunk themed environments in one package for better total value. You can build custom levels in realistic and cyberpunk/sci-fi style. All packages are AAA game quality and have PBR materials. Have large number of props, materials and textures for great customization.
Author Alex
Unreal Engine Asset – Fantasy Village
This package contains a small set of stylized environments
Author Alex
Unreal Engine Asset – CityPunk – Kitbash Cyberpunk City v4.24
In this pack, you have meshes, decals and generic materials for build your street cyberpunk style.
Author Alex
Unreal Engine Asset – POLYGON – Town Pack v4.25
A low poly asset pack of Buildings, Vehicles, Characters, and Props assets to add to your existing polygonal style game.
Author Alex
Unreal Engine Asset – Train yard
Post soviet train yard environment contains modular trains and buildings, props and foliage. All assets created to correspond current gen games budgets.
Author Alex
Unreal Engine Asset – Conifer Forest Biome
Full procedural forest generation or painting. High resolution models and textures of trees, rocks, debris, plants and more. Powerful materials and landscape shader, highly tweakable.
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