Udemy – Skin Tone Mastery // For Colorists

Author Alex
Udemy – Skin Tone Mastery // For Colorists

5 skin tone types to arm you for any type of coloring

What you'll learn
Color skin realistically
Master 5 different skin tone types
Work with provided and proven color charts
Build your own color charts for skin tones

Basic coloring skills

I created this course to cover as many skin tone possibilities as is humanly possible to teach in under 6 hours. The students who have already completed Skin Tone Mastery have transformed from good casual colorists to outstanding professional colorists. JOIN them. In this course I teach a lot of theory as well as technique. I structured it in 5 sessions (or lessons) starting with the most pale skin tone and ending with the darkest, espresso, skin tone. Every step of the way I will guide you with visual demos, my choices or colors, my shading and layering technique and much more. For each skin tone I offer my own personal, already proven, color chart that your'e welcome to use on your own coloring. But that wasn't enough for me. I want to teach you how to make your own artistic decisions, so I will also teach you how to build your own color charts for any skin tone you may wish to color. In addition to printable charts and games, every lesson comes with two versions of a portrait illustration, making a total of 10 unique coloring character pages for you to practice on. Please follow the lessons in order, as the lessons are built one on top of the other. It's very important not to skip through the course. Every video segment is where it is in the timeline for a reason. Please take your time to practice the charts and the colorings that I assign. Theory is great, but we only really learn when we apply it.If you already took my Realistic Skin Tone Coloring course, you will find this one to be radically different.Here, I teach on white paper and on models that are drawn in line form instead greyscale, covering more of your traditional coloring book needs.Here I teach five new skin tones, and go way deeper into theory and technique. The two courses are excellent compliments to each other, but neither is necessary to succeed in the other. They are just two separate approaches to coloring skin tones. I recommend that you take them both to broaden your skills, and to narrow down your own coloring style and preference. I'll see you in class!

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