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FXPHD – HOU223 – Taking Houdini Digital Assets to the Next Level
FXPHD – HOU223 – Taking Houdini Digital Assets to the Next Level MP4 | ENG | Duration: 4 hours 30 minutes Digital Assets are at the center of everyday use of Houdini. You have probably created HDAs and also downloaded some created by others. The goal of this course is to analyze what makes a good HDA and how you can apply these concepts to create more robust Digital Assets. As a follow up to HOU140 - Houdini FX Tool Building Foundation, this
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Rebelway – Houdini Tutorial: Star Wars Inspired Ice Destruction
In this video tutorial from Urban Bradesko, we'll show you how to create an ice-destruction effect inspired by Star Wars inside Houdini. If you’re an aspiring VFX artist, chances are you have always wanted to work on a Star Wars film. In today’s video tutorial, we’re going to help you live the dream a bit by showing you how to create a highly complex ice-destruction effect inside Houdini. This effect uses a Star Destroyer to showcase some of the
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Rebelway – Karma Rendering in Houdini (Demystifying Render Settings)
In this Houdini video tutorial, Saber Jlassi will explore various render settings using Karma in Houdini. The Karma Render engine in Houdini is an incredible tool for creating realistic renders. In this video tutorial, Saber decided to take a closer look at this render engine to examine its functionality. Along the way, he’ll discuss some of the potential use-cases for this tool and show you how to efficiently troubleshoot and navigate pro-level
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SideFX – The Complete A-Z Terrain Handbook
This tutorial series covers everything that you will likely ever need, to understanding how to create terrains in Houdini. Starting from foundation layer of HF nodes and their functions, to using generated masks to create textures in COPs, to scattering geometry using said-masks, to applying and rendering them in a LOPnet with Karma.
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Gumroad – Boat in a Storm
Title: Gumroad – Boat in a Storm – Houdini Course by CGimagine. In this 10+ hours of quality content, recorded in 4k you will go into a deep dive in Houdini Flip Simulations and as a bonus, you will also receive a production-quality boat, with 4k textures. If you want to bring your fluid skills to the next level this is the perfect course for you. In this course, you will learn how to approach fluid simulations in a systematic way, breaking our
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Vertex School – Houdini FX & Redshift – On Demand
Learn Houdini Simulations, 3rd Party Rendering, Disintegration, Vellum, Dust & Debris, and more! This course will serve as an introduction to all things FX. Students will learn how to create all the main types of simulation effects commonly used in VFX. Students will build up all setups node by node, getting in-depth explanation for each one. What You’ll Learn This course will serve as an introduction to all things FX. Students will learn
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Udemy – Houdini for Absolute Beginners
Learn Houdini and its awesome dynamic visual effects for film. What you'll learn Create smoke and pyro simulations. Create procedural geometry in houdini. Create particle simulations Create soft body simulations Making fire effects Requirements I expect you to have some sort of basic 3D knowledge. You should have Houdini 19.5 installed on your computer. Description Are you a beginner and want to learn all the Houdini effects? Then I welcome you
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Udemy – Complete Houdini FX 19 Bootcamp
Udemy – Complete Houdini FX 19 Bootcamp Last updated 3/2022 Course overview You will learn how to create professional Explosions. You will have solid knowledge on how to use Houdini. You will learn how to create realistic oceans. You will learn how to create Destruction. Updates: New section: Big scale explosion in Houdini 19 Barrel Explosion in Houdini 19: lectures number (68,69,70,71) Introduction to explosions in Houdini 19 New lectures:
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Coloso – Intro to High-Quality VFX with Houdini
Coloso – Intro to High-Quality VFX with Houdini with Intae Jang MP4, Korean, English Subtitles Included Hello, I'm Houdini artist Intae Jang. I originally worked as a FX artist at GIANTSTEP and now I'm doing freelance work as a Houdini artist at TEAM. 8IGHT. I've done work for NCSoft, Samsung, KRAFTON, SM, and more, creating numerous corporate commercials, music videos, and cinematic FXs Many people see Houdini as a complicated and
Author Alex
Udemy – Magical Butterfly FX in Houdini
Learn To Create Magical FX In Houdini What you'll learn We will learn to create Magical FX We will learn about Houdini Particles We will learn about Houdini Smoke Simulation We will learn about Particles Advection in Houdini We will learn about Solaris We will learn to Render using Karma XPU We will learn compositing in after effects Requirements Students should have basic knowledge of Houdini Students will need Houdini 19.5 for this course
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