How to Green Screen

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How to Green Screen

Udemy - How to Green Screen

What you’ll learn
Some of the common mistakes to avoid when setting up a green screen
The best lighting practises when filming on a green screen
The best and worst camera settings
How to remove the green from green screen footage in Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects

Setting up, lighting, filming and editing with a green screen can be tricky! There are a few common errors that people tend to make that can completely ruin their efforts and make their green screen footage look amateur. This class is designed to help avoid that problem! The first lesson will cover a few of the common errors when setting up your green screen, then we jump into lighting (lighting is extremely important), then camera settings and lastly, this course will show you how to edit your green screen footage in Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects.

**The techniques demonstrated in this course are not exclusive to Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects. Regardless of what software you edit with, it’s crucial that you get the filming part correct. Poorly filmed green screen footage will be difficult to edit. If you shoot great green screen footage, it doesn’t matter what program you edit with, you should not have an issue with editing.

This course is aimed at beginner/mid level creators. Although, even if you are a video professional but are new to the world of green screens then this course is great for you, too. Whether it be gameplay footage for a YouTube video or a professional music video, green screens are a vital part of the video production process, so let’s get into the course and film some clean, solid footage.

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