Udemy – Pro Tips To Level-Up Your Video Editing Skills

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Udemy – Pro Tips To Level-Up Your Video Editing Skills

Improve Your Post-Production Workflow By combining Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro To Create Magic

What you'll learn
To easily navigate between Premiere Pro and After Effects
To Use After Effects for Post-Production
Tips to Improve your Video Editing workflow in Premiere Pro
To use different Types of Effects both in After Effects and Premiere
Best Export Settings

Hello everyone and welcome to video editing in Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro . In this class, I will show you how you can incorporate After Effects in your post-production workflow by applying animation and graphics to actual footage, while Premiere Pro is great for cutting your video files and color grading After Effects is the go-to software for creating impressive motion graphics, and visual effects.

So why would you need After Effects in post-production? besides making your videos look more impressive and professional. I would say the main reasons you want to use After Effects are animation, VFX, and Motion Titles let me explain further.


While you can create basic animation in Premiere Pro, the keyframes and speed graph in After Effects offer more possibilities, and the workflow is much easier and more optimized therefore you end up creating a more advanced and eye-catching animation no matter what type of file you are working with.


When it comes to VFX After Effects has the best tools for compositing, rotoscoping, and masking. it also contains a lot of amazing Visual effects that you can apply to your videos also the number of plugins for VFX in After Effects are superior and much better.

Motion titles and text

With After Effects can create eye-catching opening credits sequences, lower third graphics, 3D motion text, or kinetic typography videos. Using either the built-in motion features or third-party presets.

How Can you combine both programs to make movie magic?

You can use Premiere Pro to edit a rough cut of your footage and then use dynamic links to send specific scenes to After Effects add whatever you want to add and then save and close After Effects everything will be automatically copied over and updated in your Premiere Pro file.

Who is this course for?

Video Editors

Content Creators

You will need

Adobe After Effects

Adobe Premiere Pro

A Laptop that can run both

What are you going to learn?

How to track graphics and text to objects and surfaces

To remove things from the Video

To make Composting

To Perfectly remove a green screen

To remove the black-and-white screen

Who this course is for
Content Creators
Video Editors

A Laptop that Can both software
Adobe After Effects CC
Adobe Premiere Pro CC

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