Class101 – Girl character illustration course with a focus on sparkling colors and lines

Author Alex
Class101 – Girl character illustration course with a focus on sparkling colors and lines

I'm fascinated by the composition! Draw flashy illustrations using line drawings 

This class is a class where you learn how to draw colorful girl illustrations from PONKO, an illustrator popular in their 10s and 20s. The picture I'm drawing this time is a girl with a bust-up bust that looks great. It does not use difficult technical words, and it is a content that even beginners can enjoy. Why don't you live a fun digital illustration life by learning compositional skills, line drawing skills, and tips on how to choose and paint colors in the PONKO style?

Effects you can expect after attending the course
Improved compositional skills
A colorful, sparkling way to apply without dullness
PONKO techniques and drawing techniques that have not been revealed until now
Recommended classes for people like this
Those who want to enjoy learning painting
Those who have recently started digital illustration
Those who are worried about using colors
When attending the course
I will use CLIP STUDIO.This is a class for beginners, but before taking the course, even if it's about graffitiAt CLIP STUDIOI recommend drawing illustrations.

What software do you use“It was prepared based on information as of 2022/11.

3 reasons why this class is special
①The making of constant double speed that can only be seen here
You can watch PONKO techniques and making-of videos that have not been shown anywhere until now. I recorded everything from the first stroke to completion in full without cutting.

②Can you complete everything from line drawing to painting
We will give you draft data so that even beginners can fully enjoy it. It is a special written down data that can only be obtained with CLASS101. Explain how to draw beautiful lines and apply highly saturated glitter unique to PONKO while using data.

② Services you can enjoy even after attending the course
A lot of advice is included so that you can develop your own illustrations not only during the course, but also after attending the course.

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