Udemy – How To Draw Full Body Poses In Procreate (Anime Art Style)

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Udemy – How To Draw Full Body Poses In Procreate (Anime Art Style)

Learn how to draw full body poses in a stylized style, how to simplify anatomy and proportions and how to add movement

What you'll learn
Learn how to break down photo references and use them for stylized illustrations
Learn what a line of action is and how to identify it
Learn basic body proportions for stylized illustrations
Follow along 3 full body drawing demos (real time drawing)

It is recommended to have an iPad, an Apple Pencil and Procreate, however it is not mandatory. You will not be able to use the free brushes that come with this class outside of Procreate.

Have you ever tried to hide the fact that you don't know how to draw full-bodies by only drawing portraits? Or maybe only up until the mid-section? Well that stops today, because we will dive in a class that has everything you need to tackle drawing full body poses!In this class, you will learn: how to study references and how to break them down into easy shapes, basic proportions for stylized illustrations;what is the line of action and how to identify it;how to add movement to your illustration;how to draw 3 different full-body poses through real time drawing demos.As a bonus, in this class you can download for free the brushes that I am using the most, and you can find them in the resources ! The lineart brush has been especially requested by a lot of you!You can watch this tutorial and draw along with me, or you can watch it first, understand what I am doing, and then apply it for yourself. Whichever way you choose, I definitely recommend you try it yourself so that you will actually experience what I am showing you. The more you try doing it on your own, the better you will get every day!

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