Udemy – Unreal Engine 5 Class: Blueprints

Author Alex
Udemy – Unreal Engine 5 Class: Blueprints

Learn Blueprints and create your own games

What you'll learn
Create games using Unreal Engine and Blueprint
Create logics using Blueprints
Start on Indie Game Development
Learn Events, Function and Blueprint Communication

Microsoft Windows
Basic Unreal Engine

Welcome!After the success of my previous course I'm recording this new Blueprints course using Unreal Engine 5.Here you will learn the Blueprints Fundamentals.This is the first step to start creating your own games and projects, and to begin to understand the Unreal Engine. ----What are Blueprints? Blueprints are the visual system that frees the user from direct contact with programming language. C++ code are visually represented within the engine. This way you can create whole games and project without having to know the programming language used in the background.Therefore, this course goal is not to show you countless lessons so you can just copy. I will teach you the whys of every fundamental and you can apply all you learned in any kind of project as you wish. It is this fact that most students like about this course.Still in doubt? Access some classes available for free.= = = CONTENT DESCRIPTION = = = =In this course we will see all Blueprints fundamentals so you can start creating your own games. Unreal Engine allows you to create interactive projects and games and using the same tools used by large AAA studios and indies developers around the world. If you want to start your career in game development with one of the best engines in the market, this is your course.We will learn about variables, Events, Functions, Blueprint Communication , Materials, Timelines, Vectors, First and Third Person Characters, Interfaces, and then use all this knowledge to publish our first Project for Windows. This course is not a tutorial that will show you just how to create a game. The proposal is to teach you the fundamentals before you start making the first project. If you already have any knowledge, you can skip the initial classes and go straight to the practical classes. = = = What do I need to know to start the course? = = = You need no previous experience with games to follow this course.But you need to have some basic knowledge in Unreal Engine, like how to use and navigate in the Editor.

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