Udemy – Unreal Engine 5 – Blueprints Game Developer Masterclass

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Udemy – Unreal Engine 5 – Blueprints Game Developer Masterclass

Learn Blueprints and create your own games without any coding knowledge. Create your first AAA game via this course.

What you'll learn
Learn to program using Blueprints, without needing to write code.
Create logics using Blueprints system.
Learn Events, Function, Flow Control, Arrays, Variables, Blueprint Communication and a lot more.
Setup an FPS human-controlled character.
Start your Indie Game Development journey without knowing how to code.
Make a complete game by the end of this course.

No programming experience necessary.
You'll need a PC or Mac capable of running Unreal Engine.
About 15GB of free disc space.
At least 8GB of RAM is recommended.
Basic Unreal Engine Editor skills like move around your camera, rotate, scale and move objects.

This is a complete Blueprints Masterclass in Unreal Engine 5.In this course we are entirely focused on how to make games without writing code in Unreal Engine 5. You will learn Unreal Engine powerful visual coding system known as Blueprints.This course will cover all beginners topics, so you will need no prior experience or knowledge of Unreal Engine 5 or game development in general. We will start with all the basic concepts around Blueprints system and gradually increase our Blueprints knowledge.What are Blueprints? Blueprints is the visual system of Unreal Engine 5 which a non-coding users can use in order to create full games.It is a representation of the C++ code visually via blocks. This way you will be able to create whole games without having to know any programming language.The aim of this course is not only to explain the blocks behind Blueprints system, it is rather to teach you the fundamentals behind game development. You will have a lot of examples, quizzes and tests across this course.What is included in this course?In this course I'll be covering all the fundamentals that you will need in order to start creating your own games. Unreal Engine 5 allows you everything you can imagine to be created, like interactive projects, games, films and much more. You will learn how to use very advanced tools that all the big gaming companies are using.So if you want to start creating games, but don't have that coding knowledge - Unreal Engine 5 is the way!This course will cover topics like Communication between Blueprints, variables, event, functions, how to manipulate materials, Timelines, Vectors, First Person and Third Person Characters, UI/UX and a lot more! Unreal Engine 5 - Blueprints Masterclass is not your typical tutorial course in which you will follow few steps and make a game. The purpose is to teach you the fundamentals and give you the knowledge that you need in order to start creating games from scratch.Do I have to know how to code?No coding experience is required!You just need to know how to navigate in Unreal Engine and the core basics of the editor - panels, move, scale and rotate objects.You will get full lifetime access for a single one-off fee. Not only that, but you will also receive all the updates and patches that are constantly made to this course.

Who this course is for
Complete Blueprints and Unreal Engine beginners with no prior experience.
Individuals who want to develop games but not write code.
Developers who want to learn how to use the Unreal Engine.
Students who have tried coding before but couldn't make progress.
This course is ideal if you want to make your own video games in Unreal Engine.
If you have experience in other engines such as Unity.
Programmers who want to solidify their Blueprint scripting skills.
Anyone who wants to release games and earn a side income from game sales.
Experienced developers who want to brush up on their skills.
Artists that want to create their own Projects and Games.

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