Udemy – The Road to Manga – Story, Paneling, Project Management 101

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Udemy – The Road to Manga – Story, Paneling, Project Management 101

Create a Concept for a Manga Short Story!

What you'll learn
They will learn how to create a concept for a short manga!
They will learn how to panel their manga pages!
They will learn how to manage their manga projects!
They will learn what to avoid!

You require an interest in creating a manga!

Have you ever wished to draw your own manga but have difficulty when it comes to planning out your project? Or are you an illustrator, who wants to go into sequential art? Then this course is for you.My name is Olga Rogalski from Studio Oruga. I have published manga professionally and have been in love with manga for many many years. In this course I want to teach you my techniques. In this course I will be teaching you how to turn a manga idea into an executable concept for a short story. One of the first things I learned, when I started drawing manga, was the importance to be able to portray a story on a limited amount of pages. Whether for a contest or for a publisher, this is a skill that is absolutely essential! Now, I would like to share my knowledge with you. Let´s get those amazing ideas that are still stuck in your head onto paper! So let´s begin!After you have finished all the lectures, I suggest that you develop the concept for a 20 page story by using the materians and information provided in this course. I want you to do the following things:Come up with the idea for a short storyWrite the scenes that will happen in the story and assign pages to them based on the Beginning - Midpoint - Conclusion-systemWrite down the dialogues and panel descriptions of what will happen on the pages.Develop character descriptions that fit the storyPlan your project by using the materials from the Project Management partUse the page templates in order to plan your paneling by using the information from the Paneling sectionGood luck!

Who this course is for
This course is for anybody with an interest in creating a manga!

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