Udemy – The Ultimate Guide to Blender 3D Rigging & Animation

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Udemy – The Ultimate Guide to Blender 3D Rigging & Animation

Tank tracks to characters Learn how to 3D animate and rig anything in this massive 17 part Ultimate Blender guide.

What you'll learn
• Creating 15 different animation projects including but not limited to grass, wheels, trees, fish, tank tracks, fire, light, and clouds, and adventure trapst
• Learning how to animate tank tracks so that they stick to any type of terrain
• Mastering the art of character rigging and animating walk cycles
• Finding how to make moths move around a light source using Blender’s particle boid system
• Enjoying a full introduction to animating in Blender with 16 animation projects of increasing difficulty
• Using Blender 3 and understanding its new interface and shortcuts
• Completing an introduction to the basics of animation in Blender and learning how to animate with nothing but key frames
• Creating create handles and drivers to have your tank tracks move realistically
• Maximising the benefits of animated textures to create flames and fire streams
• Smoothing out animations with interpolation modes
• Building rigs with single and multiple bones
• Mastering the art of weighting bones for 3D animation
• Changing the shape of objects with multiple shape keys
• Animating wildlife and morphing objects (i.e., taking one object and turning it into another over a set number of keyframes)
• Creating a stylized smoke effect using Blender’s particle system
• Graduating to working on more complex animation techniques such as inverse Kinematics, and animating a large scene
• Using Blender’s camera animation options to create a simple but effective camera turntable setup
• Utilising rendering to improve the quality of presentation for your 3D animations by rendering out in Eevee and Cycles
• Presenting your animations in 16 different prepared environments (provided in the course resources)
• Complete the course which is going to be the first steppingstone to creating different 3D animations for future and existing projects

• To own a computer (Microsoft, Linux or Mac)
• To have downloaded Blender (available for free)
• A thirst to learn and excitement about 3D modelling and animation
• To download all course resources including 15 individual scene set-ups as seen in the stages of the course, and another separate scene featuring a massive adventure scene with deadly traps inspired by film

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