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Unreal Engine – ROG Modular Medieval Accessories and Robes
"ROG Modular Medieval Accessories & Robes" is the second part of the full modular armor set we have prepared for our project in development - Reign of Guilds. This is our view of the dark magical Middle Ages in a realistic style. The first & main
Author redzz
Unreal Engine – ProInstance Tools Plugin
| | | ProInstance Tools is a lightweight set of tools to control mesh or actor placement using procedural generation with easy to understand and unified settings. It can help you avoid doing lots of repetitive tasks in level or environment design. **
Author redzz
Unreal Engine – Procedural Spline Walls System
My other Asset Packs: for Gears, Vacuum Tubes, Gauges, Spline pipes, a Compass and more. for Nixie Tubes, LCD and Analogue Displays, Clocks. UPDATE: You can now easily create doorways by simply adding the desired wall segment to the Doorways list. T
Author redzz
Unreal Engine – Procedural Level Generator
(Please read before purchase. Do you understand everything? Some things in the asset are not intuitive.) 1. Save/Load system. You can save generated world, player position, teleports. 2. Teleportation system. Teleporters allow you to instantly transfer
Author redzz
Unreal Engine – Old Brick House
This package contains a fully furnished, two-story family home with its exterior and interior carefully detailed with hundreds of high-quality, vintage props. asset was built and designed to work together with this house to fully populate its exterior a
Author redzz
Unreal Engine – Modular Sci Fi Office
***Monthly Unreal Engine Sponsored Content product for August 2021*** Check out Ruslan Nazirov's other products here: This office is a part of the Skyfall Restoration Complex, which was built by Tsar Genomics Inc. in 2045 Technical Details Fea
Author redzz
Unreal Engine – Modular Low Poly Robots
***Monthly Unreal Engine Sponsored Content product for June 2021*** Check out UDevLemon's other products here: : Playable demo: The pack includes 8 types of weapon modules, 12 types of case modules, 10 types of chassis modules and universal sphere t
Author redzz
Unreal Engine – Modular Lost Ruins Kit
Modular lost ruins pack contains a set of different environment and modular assets for building walls, wooden structures and ruin elements. Most of the models comes with overgrown versions. Built to support the grid. Package also comes with a large set o
Author redzz
Unreal Engine – Modular Industrial Area
High quality complete industrial scene with modular building and hangar (with interiors) + different props. VIDEO - ***Monthly Unreal Engine Sponsored Content product for November 2021*** Check out Next Level 3D's other products here: [b]Technical D
Author redzz
Unreal Engine – Modular House
Furniture Pack for the Houses: Rare issue: Due to possible engine bug picture can be very dark or white, please tweak Exposure value in Post-Process(PP_Main) Update 1.7 New Lighting 4K: Features Preview: Glass/Windows Destruction(Apex Plugin, Addit
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