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Author Alex
Unreal Engine Marketplace – Asset Mega Bundle May 2021
Unreal Engine Marketplace – Asset Mega Bundle April 2021. 116 assets | 168 GB. Includes: Abandoned Fast Food Building 4.26.zip Action jRPG Template 4.26.rar AI Daily Life 4.26.rar Alien World.7z AllrightRig.rar ALS-Community426.zip American Style Diner 4.26.zip Arctic Base 4.26.zip Big Office v4.26.rar Brushify - Medieval Buildings Pack.rar Brushify - Volcano Pack.rar Burned Dead Forest Biome UE 4.26.rar Cartoon House.rar Cathedral Of The Dead -
Author redzz
Unreal Engine – Modular Neighborhood Pack
*New update for 4.27* File structure and assets are different to previous versions of Modular Neighborhood Pack. Includes: • Unique house pieces making it the easiest way to produce customized housing fast and easy • Over 130 Modular house pieces to cr
Author redzz
Unreal Engine – Low Poly Medieval Interior and Constructions
Video: A Low Poly Medieval Interior and Constructions is a Complete Set of Level for a Style on Low Poly Fantasy Medieval Game. They are completely modular it allows you to create the interiors in any configuration. This pack works perfect with and
Author redzz
Unreal Engine – Medieval Houses Modular Vol 2
Already compatible with UE5, you can add files to a 4.27 project and then migrate files to your UE5 project, no extra-work needed. Bonus included : landscape, landscape material + auto-material and 73 Nature assets (foliage, rocks, debris, etc) are offer
Author Alex
Unreal Engine Marketplace – Real City SF – Downtown Environment Mega Pack
Unreal Engine Marketplace – Real City SF – Downtown Environment Mega Pack. This is a massive city pack valued at well over $550,000! For the last 2 decades, I’ve made environments for some of the world’s most recognized video games, check out my portfolio. *Link Here* I have always loved building digital cities for players to enjoy. With the metaverse fast approaching, digital cityscapes will need to be built but it’s dangerous to go alone! Take
Author redzz
Unreal Engine – Modular Concert Stage
Documentation: How to set up DMX plugin in 4.26: UPDATE v1.2: DMX support in 4.26 ONLY! 4.18-4.25 also updated with the new meshes, only misses DMX folder. DMX folder contain:all 3 Demonstration Map set up with DMX fixtures and with 1 min example
Author redzz
Unreal Engine – VP Real Food and Coffee Bakery
REAL FOOD is a project with 40 photorealistic scanned food models, 30 decoration models and a fully equipped coffee bakery scene for advertising, film, games, architecture and VR. The baked food models are available in 6 LODs from 25.000 polygons for film
Author redzz
Unreal Engine – Journeyman's Minimap
March 7 2022 Update: Video Tutorial Part 1 added. March 2 2022 Update: Featured in March Free Content! To celebrate this, I am working on a video tutorial. Please stay tuned. Added a Support Discord link. Updated the Example Project to target 4.27 instea
Author redzz
Unreal Engine – Greenwood Fantasy Village
Greenwood Fantasy Village is a modular flexible package of stylized 3D-models, materials and particles in a cute fairytale style. This package includes modular landscape and over 100 objects for populating the world. It's not only a village, it's a little
Author redzz
Unreal Engine – Contemporary Restaurant
Video links: https://youtu.be/sgQlcEn9AJY https://youtu.be/T_C9cm5xr-g This is a interior space of a modern restaurant. All furniture are ready to use in your own restaurant project. All props are carefully UV unwrapped . Project could be controlled
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