Unity Asset Bundle – August 2021

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Unity Asset Bundle – August 2021

Unity Asset Bundle – August 2021
.unitypackage | 115 assets | 13.2 GB


2DDL Pro 2D Dynamic Lights and Shadows v1.4.18.unitypackage
7Zip lzma LZ4 fastlz and Zip Multiplatform Plugin v2.7.5.unitypackage
Advanced Dissolve 2021.1.unitypackage
Advanced Survival Kit v1.x.unitypackage
Advanced Terrain Grass v1.33.unitypackage
Android & Microcontrollers Bluetooth v3.9.unitypackage
Animal Controller v1.2.6a.rar
AnyPortrait v1.3.1.unitypackage
Atmospheric Height Fog • Optimized Fog Shaders for Consoles, Mobile and VR v2.1.0.unitypackage
Better Lit Shader v1.2.5.unitypackage
Build Report Tool v3.8.2.unitypackage
Camera Filter Pack v4.1.0.unitypackage
Character Creator 2D v1.80.unitypackage
City yard scene v1.1.unitypackage
Crates Chests Open v1.0.unitypackage
Curved World 2020 v2021.1.unitypackage
Custom Tree Importer v3.4.unitypackage
DOTween Pro v1.0.310.unitypackage
Dreamteck Splines v2.08.unitypackage
Dungeon Architect v1.17.2.unitypackage
Dynamic Fog Mist 2 v8.5.unitypackage
Easy Mobile Pro v2.17.0.unitypackage
Easy Mobile Pro v2.17.2.unitypackage
Easy Unet Mirror Packets v1.0.3.unitypackage
EasyRoads3D Pro v3 v3.2.0f4.unitypackage
Event System - Dispatcher v1.643.unitypackage
Feel v2.3.unitypackage
GPU Instancer v1.5.3.unitypackage
GPU Lightmapper v1.9.unitypackage
Health and Progress Bars Pro v1.2 CGP.unitypackage
Heart Animated Realistic v1.0.unitypackage
Heart Animated v1.0.1.unitypackage
HexaBody VR Player Controller v1.23.unitypackage
Hierarchy PRO 2021 v2021.1u9.unitypackage
Highlight Plus v6.5.unitypackage
Highway Racer3.2.unitypackage
HQ FPS Template v1.3.0.1.rar
Hurricane VR - Physics Interaction Toolkit 2.0.5 EXP.unitypackage
Hydroform Ocean System v1.39c.unitypackage
Industrial Zone - Mobile optimized v1.0.unitypackage
InfiniCLOUD HDRP - URP Volumetric clouds particles v1.5.2.unitypackage
InTerra Terrain Features v1.2.0.unitypackage
Invector FreeClimb Add-on v1.2.unitypackage
Inventory Cog v2021.0f.1.unitypackage
Jelly Mesh v1.46.unitypackage
Kitchen Cooking FX v1.1.unitypackage
Loading Screen Studio v1.0.3.unitypackage
Low Poly Flamingo v1.5.zip
Magic Light Probes v1.94.unitypackage
Magica Cloth v1.10.1.unitypackage
Mantis LOD Editor - Professional Edition v7.0.3.unitypackage
Massive Clouds - Screen Space Volumetric Clouds v4.1.2.unitypackage
Mega Cache v1.41.unitypackage
Melee v0.1.5.unitypackage
Mesh Baker v3.33.2.unitypackage
MicroSplat - Decals v3.511.unitypackage
MicroSplat - Dynamic Snow v3.5.unitypackage
MicroSplat - Global Texturing v3.5.unitypackage
MicroSplat - Low Poly Look v3.5.unitypackage
MicroSplat - Runtime Procedural Texturing v3.53.unitypackage
MicroSplat - Texture Clusters v3.5.unitypackage
MicroSplat - Triplanar UVs v3.51.unitypackage
MicroSplat - URP 2020 Support v3.8.0.unitypackage
MicroSplat - Wind and Glitter v3.5.unitypackage
Mobile Garage Vol 2 v1.0.unitypackage
Modern Home 3 v4.2.unitypackage
Modern UI Pack 5.0.1.unitypackage
Mosquitos pack v1.0.unitypackage
NGUI Next-Gen UI v2020.2.2.unitypackage
Obi Fluid 6.2.unitypackage
Obi Softbody 6.0.1 EXP.unitypackage
Online Maps v3 3.7.11.unitypackage
OpenCV for Unity v2.4.4.unitypackage
Optimized ScrollView Adapter v5.1.2.unitypackage
PIDI XFur Studio 2 - Ultimate Edition v2.2.4.unitypackage
Playmaker v1.9.2.f3.unitypackage
Polyverse Skies Low poly skybox shaders and textures v1.9.0.unitypackage
Post Processing Stack V2 - Playmaker Actions v1.4 IMF.unitypackage
Post Processing Ultimate v1.4.7.rar
proSreenShot Solution v1.28.unitypackage
Rapier Anim Set v1.0.unitypackage
Realistic Eye Movements v2.1.3.unitypackage
Rewired v1.1.39.2.unitypackage
RPG Monster Wave 2 PBR 1.0.unitypackage
Runner Action Animation Pack v1.4.unitypackage
Runtime Transform Gizmos v1.2.2.unitypackage
Melee v0.1.5.unitypackage
SciFi Gun Pack Low-poly 3D model.unitypackage
Script Inspector 3 v3.0.29.unitypackage
Script Inspector 3 v3.0.30.unitypackage
Script Wizard Animset v1.0.unitypackage
Sensor Toolkit v1.6.5.unitypackage
Shapes FX Pack v1.45.unitypackage
Simple Bones Animation v1.1.1.unitypackage
Smart Slicer 2D Pro v2020.3.0.unitypackage
Smooth Sync v3.36 IMF.unitypackage
SPAA L4X8 Lynx.rar
State Machine v0.2.2.unitypackage
STORY - Northern Nature v1.2.unitypackage
Strange Engine - 2D Top Down Kit v2.1.1.unitypackage
Super Multiplayer Shooter Template v1.4.unitypackage
Swords Sounds Pro v1.0.rar
The Lost Temple v1.0.rar
Third Person Controller - Shooter Template v2.5.6.unitypackage
TileWorldCreator v2.0.6p1.rar
Time-Based Life System v2.1.unitypackage
TriLib 2 - Model Loading Package v2.1.1 (hotfix).unitypackage
UFE 2 LITE v2.4.0.rar
Ultimate CRT v1.1.3.unitypackage
uMMORPG Remastered - MMORPG Engine v2.20.unitypackage
UModeler - Model your World v2.8.4f2.unitypackage
UMotion Pro - Animation Editor v1.26p02.unitypackage
Vehicles for Logistics Center v1.5.unitypackage
Very Animation v1.2.11.unitypackage
Voodoo pack animated v1.0.unitypackage
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