Udemy – Final Cut Pro X COMPLETE Tutorial for Beginners

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Udemy – Final Cut Pro X COMPLETE Tutorial for Beginners

Video editing with Final Cut Pro X

What you'll learn
How to download and install Final cut pro x
The general overview of the platform
How to Create a Library
How to create an event
How to create a project
How to import media
The general overview of the platform
How to add colour correction
How to add transition and effects
How to add texts
How to add Music
How to add B-rolls
How to export videos

No experience, you will learn everything needed, Just get the software installed in your PC

Final Cut Pro X  COMPLETE Tutorial for BeginnersLearn how to edit videos with Final Cut Pro X for beginners. We cover everything you need to know plus a ton of Mac video editing tips & tricks in this COMPLETE Final Cut Pro tutorial.Final Cut Pro is Apple's professional-level, non-linear, non-destructive video editing software.It offers the most advanced organizing tools of any professional video editing application.This video is for beginners with zero experience in using the final cut.By the end of the tutorial, you will learn how toDownload and install final cut proHow to create a library, an event, and a projectYou will learn the general overview of the platform.How to do basic video editing in Final Cut ProHow to add b-rolls, text, transitions, and effects,How to adjust speed and add music in Final Cut ProHow to do color grading and export videos in Final Cut ProFinal Cut Pro keyboard shortcuts:1. Spacebar = play/pause2.  A = arrow tool3.  B = blade tool4.  R = range selection tool5.  command + = zoom timeline6.  command b = blade cut7.  option ] = ripple edit right8.  option[ = ripple edit leftFeel free to follow along using your footage and use your sample video to edit. I am available if you need any help or if you run through any challenges. Thank you and see you in class.

Who this course is for
Beginners with zero experience in video editing

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